Floor Sanding & Finishing with Loba Water Base

Blackbutt Timber Flooring Finished with Loba Satin Water-Based Coating

This new house under construction in the Brisbane suburb of Sherwood had new secret nailed Blackbutt flooring and Blackbutt stairs laid throughout the entire house. Blackbutt flooring is a blonde coloured hardwood and a popular choice as it has a lighter tone of colour. However, when the blonde coloured hardwood is finished with a polyurethane timber floor finish, the lighter pale tone of the timber is gradually lost to a yellow/orange colour as the polyurethane yellows with age. This is a result of UV light affecting the polyurethane timber floor finish.

Water-based timber floor finishes offer more resistance to the finish changing colour as the water-based is considered non-yellowing. After floor sanding and polishing the blackbutt timber floor, the finished colour of the wooden floor should not significantly alter with time. Therefore the natural looking finish of the floor coated with the water-based timber floor finish will be maintained with age.

The Water based timber floor finish of choice for Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane is the German brand Loba. Timber flooring, when finished with the lower sheen matt/satin coating, has an awesome natural appearance that sits well in traditional and contemporary style homes.

If your polished timber floors have yellowed over the years, Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane can rejuvenate them with a non-yellowing water based timber floor finish. Contact Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane to discuss your floor sanding project.

Blackbutt Timber Floors with a Satin Water Based Finish

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  • Hi

    Superb article. What brand of floor finishes can you recommend? We use Bona, Junckers & Tover but we are looking for something new

    Many thanks

    • Hi Alex,

      Invisible Protect by Loba is worth a look for a clean Scandinavian raw looking timber floor.

  • Hello Mariette,

    To get the lighter colour walnut timber floor stain is possible by adjusting the amount of walnut stain that is placed into the Feast Watson Reducer Base finish. You would need to do some test samples with different percentages of stain in the base to find out what amount of stain is required to get the depth of colour you require. Perhaps call Feast Watson direct and they should be able to help you. All the best. We hope you achieve the timber floor stain of your choice.

  • I have a 49-years-old brushbox floor that I would LOVE to rejuvenate but NOT with anything toxic -- have you used oil finishes on brushbox? I've contacted several floor suppliers/sanders and I'm being given conflicting information as to what can and can not be used on brushbox. I would appreciate another opinion. Job is on Gold Coast.

    • Hi Jim and Wendy,
      Although brushbox floors may produce a hazy brushbox bloom after floor sanding and coating, this will generally disappear in time as the natural oil in the timber makes its way to the surface. The oil is easily removed with mopping until the timber floor boards eventually release their natural oil. If you are looking for non toxic finishes there are water based polyurethanes that may meet your requirements. Take a look at Intergrain Enviropro or if you like the look of a completely raw natural unfinished look, Invisible Protect, that meets tough German standards, may be worth considering. Oil products are not as durable and will require more recoats but they do have a beautiful satin patina. Whittle wax products may be worth a look as they don't use any carcinogenic or toxic VOC-containing solvents.
      Hope this information assists with your research and decision making.
      Regards Glenn
      Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane

  • I don't think that when my parents chose timber for their pool deck they thought it would be harmed so much from the sun and pool. We've only had it a couple of years but we can already see that it is faded. We probably need to call timber deck builders to see if they can come replace the parts that are un-reparable and then sand down and refinish the rest. We'll call the professionals to fix our deck this week.

  • We have used Glenn and his team at Budget Floor Sanding three times now and have always been very happy with the professional service and the quality result.