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Floor Sanding & Polishing of Parquetry at Red Hill

Herringbone patterned parquetry flooring

Sanding and polishing of parquetry floor

Installation of a new parquetry floor was undertaken in a new home under construction in the Brisbane suburb of Red Hill. A portion of the flooring has been laid in block parquetry using Blackbut timber. The parquetry in this instance was laid in a herringbone pattern. Once again this flooring project was completed for a regular builder that Budget Floor Sanding does floor sanding and polishing for..

The parquetry flooring is initially cross cut sanded to even out the undulations between the blocks and then a filling compound is troweled over the timber floor in order to fill the fine gaps that will exist between the wooden parquetry blocks. After this, there is a progressions of finer sands until the parquetry is finished appropriately. This timber floor was finished with a polyurethane gloss finish. Whether you have a new or old timber parquetry floor that requires to be sanded and polished, contact Budget Floor Sanding for an onsite floor sanding quote were we can determine an exact floor sanding price for your project.

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