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Floor Sanding & Polishing of Stairs at Ascot

Polished timber stairs after re sanding and polishing

The timber stairs in this Ascot house are centrally located within a large double story section of the home. Re sanding and polishing work has been undertaken on the stairs to prepare this Ascot home for sale. Budget Floor Sanding sanded the timber stair case, removing the old polyurethane coating back to the original wooden surface. The sanded timber stairs were then finished with a polyurethane gloss finish to once again present the wooden stairs to their original condition. While sanding the stairs can be a messy and dusty exercise, modern dust extraction and collection greatly restricts this.

In a house of considerable value Budget Floor Sanding were proud to be asked and trusted to undertake this job and deliver the expected results. If you need reliable and experienced floor sanding and polishing tradesmen to complete your flooring project, contact us to find out your floor sanding costs.

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