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Parquetry Timber Floor Repair with Floor Sanding & Polishing

Removed kitchen exposes flooring sections in need of repair.

Often when a house renovation takes place, areas of missing flooring and unpolished timber are exposed. Recently Budget Floor Sanding has been working on such a project in the Brisbane suburb of Balmoral. This particular timber floor has parquetry and after the moving of the kitchen from one part of the living area to another, patches were exposed where there was no parquetry.

Matching timber when repairing can be difficult, however in this instance the owner sourced the product and arranged for a special run of the parquetry to be produced. This takes time and slows the project down but is worth the wait.

Color matched parquetry installed, ready for floor sanding and polishing.

The first photo shows the areas needing to be patched, any damaged or incomplete parquetry blocks have been removed ready for the timber floor repair.

The second photo shows the floor after all the parquetry patching has been done. The glue now needed to be left to dry and then at a later date the floor sanding and polishing will be done.

The finished sanded and polished parquetry floor

The final photo shows the parquetry floor repair after the floor sanding has taken place. Any gaps which may have been present around the timber blocks have been filled to present the floor as a seamless finish. The timber parquetry floor has been finished in a satin polyurethane and the soft lustre of this timber finish can be clearly seen. It is not at all obvious that repairs have taken place on this wooden floor.

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