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Staining and Floor Board Replacement in Brisbanes West End.

Timber floor repairs have been part of restoring wooden floors in a large old Queenslander at West End this week. The timber floors in this house were previously covered in very old carpet and lino. Once the floor coverings were removed it became apparent that much of the old Hoop Pine flooring had an old Black Japan coating and that there was evidence of borer damage in some of the floor. This meant that floor board replacement was going to be required.

Black Japan covered Timber Floor

The first photo shows the lounge room after carpet removal but prior to  floor sanding.

Damaged Floor Board Removal

The second photo shows the floor after the first course sand of the floor has occurred. The floor boards damaged by borer have been removed.

Damaged Floor Board Replacement

The third photo shows the floor after installation of the replacement timber floor boards.

Floor Board Replacement with first coat

After this has been done the sanding of the floor is then completed and the first coat is then applied. At this stage the new wood floor boards stand out as they have not been stained.

Stained Replacement Timber Floor Boards Finished with a Gloss Polyurethane

Lastly to blend the new floor boards in with the old, the new floor boards receive a stain coat. By this stage all of the floor has had one coat. This assists in getting a good colour match because the colour of the once coated old boards are used as the colour guide when staining the new pine boards. Have a look at our other examples of Floor Board replacement.

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