Timber Floor Finishes

Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane offer a premium choice of Timber Floor Finishes to suit your preferences. We only use the timber flooring industry’s tried and tested, highest quality products that always produce beautiful stylish polished timber floors.


The various wooden floor finishes that you may select to use on your timber floor can be classified into four categories. All have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Oil Based Floor Finishes

These are a traditional wood floor finishes based on natural oils. Traditional Tung oil is an example. These do not wear well and require greater maintenance and will darken with age. Edge bonding  of the floor boards is unlikely. Oil based floor finishes are of a satin appearance.

Composite Oil-Based/Solvent based Floor Finishes

These wooden floor finishes have the natural oils combined with urethanes to enhance wear qualities. Tung oil based finishes are of this type. The finishes tend to have a subdued satin appearance and will darken the floors appearance as it ages. They also require more frequent maintenance. Edge bonding is unlikely. Satin and gloss floor finishes are available in these products.

Solvent Based Polyurethane Floor Finishes

Solvent based polyurethane provides the hardest finish of of the four floor finishing alternatives. They do not have the flexibility of the others but provide excellent wear qualities. This means that little maintenance is necessary. All timber floor gloss levels are available from matt, satin and a very high gloss, and will also darken with age. Odour produced during the dying of the finish is strong but dissipates as the finish dries. Due to its high strength and limited flexibility edge bonding of the floor boards can occur. This hard wearing timber floor finish is well suited to pet owners as it is the most durable timber floor finish.

Water Based Floor Finishes

One and two pack environmentally-friendly water based polyurethanes are gaining in popularity and can offer very good wear qualities for the completed floor sanding project. These timber floor finishes are mostly applied over a sealer coat which helps to enhance the colour of the timber floor and also helps reduce the possibility of edge bonding between the tongue and groove flooring. Water based wood floor finishes come in matt, satin and gloss and generally will darken a little with age, but less than solvent based timber floor finishes. They cure faster and produce little odour, so may be an option if you need to stay in your home while the floor sanding and polishing is being done.

Raw Untreated Scandinavian Looking Timber Floors With Invisible Protect

Invisible Protect is a new water based timber floor coating that retains the natural appearance and feel of untreated timber. Its almost invisible layer is extremely scratch resistant and the wood floor coating has outstanding wear resistance. There is no enhancement of the timber colour and the original floor board colour is retained. Invisible Protect also has a Anti-slip rating of R9. This floor product is suitable for cork, parquetry and interior wooden floors. Loba’s Invisible Protect is the latest from Germany’s technology leader in environmentally friendly, waterborne timber floor finishes.


Sikkens Deck is a premium oil based coating offering excellent weather resistance. It is a highly water repellent, UV  resistant, exterior deck finish with a satin appearance that allows the wood grain to remain visible.

Decking Oil is an economical floor sanding deck finish, but requires more frequent applications to maintain the condition of your wooden deck after the floor sanding process.

Both the above exterior timber deck finishes have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are uncertain which timber floor finish best suits your circumstances, and need floor sanding and polishing advice, contact us and let us help you with your floor sanding renovation questions.