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Floor Sanding and Staining of Timber Floors

Budget Floor sanding completed a large house in the Brisbane suburb of Hawthorne recently. The client who had recently purchased the house asked that the old hoop pine floor boards in this Queenslander be stained a chocolate brown colour. Having received an indicative picture of the floor colour  desired from the client,  Budget Floor Sanding then made a number of stain samples. These samples were then shown to the client who then selected the most favoured colour. This process ensures that the clients expectation of stain colour is met, and then come the time to stain we know exactly what the stain formula is.

After the completion of the floor sanding the stain coat is then applied to the floor. The next day after it has dried the first of the polyurethane top coats is applied to the floor.

As can be seen in the before and after photos the transformation in floor color is amazing. Staining has certainly become more popular and the process using the Feast Watson range of Prooftint stains is user friendly and allows for many variations in colors.

Hoop Pine flooring before staining

Hoop Pine flooring after application of Chocolate color stain

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