Timber Floor Board Repairs And Replacement Brisbane

Damaged timber floorboards are a common occurrence in older Brisbane homes. Wooden floor repairs are regularly undertaken as part of our Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing Service. For various reasons timber floors, on occasion will require floorboard removal and floorboard replacement. We are able to repair or replace floorboards damaged by termite and borer infestation and stain the replacement timber to a similar color to the original timber floorboards. You will be amazed by our careful color matching skills.

This can be carried out in such a manner that no evidence of the floorboard replacement will be apparent when viewing the floor. A search of our Floor Sanding Information Brisbane Blog will reveal examples of this timber floor renovation process.

Similar colored timber floorboards are sourced and when color variations occur, wood floor staining is performed to blend the new floorboard with the original surrounding ones. Older original wooden floorboards can sometimes be sourced from timber demolition yards, but this can be time-consuming, troublesome, and a more expensive option. Stained new floorboards are an affordable floor sanding and floorboard replacement option.

For a professional and speedy floor sanding quote, contact us today for expert advice on repairing your timber floor.

We would be more than happy to discuss all the options available to you, in regards to repairing your timber, floor sanding and polishing project. Please email us or call Glenn directly on 0418 882 678

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