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Choosing a hardwood floor for your home is undoubtedly a big decision. Many of us are unaware of the vast range of woods available in the market. When you dig in for your hardwood floor search, the most popular and best option is Oak timber. Oak wood has been used for centuries and is known

Wood Flooring Grades And Their Impact

Timber grading refers to the sorting of timber floorboards based on their features. Many people are unaware of the different grades of wood available for flooring. The wood flooring grades do not reflect that the wood is inferior or superior. It exhibits some prominent features of the individual timber floorboards. Budget Floor Sanding provides sanding


The high-demand flooring choice for Brisbane homes is hardwood flooring. Solid timber floors last for decades if properly maintained. Refurnishing your home or laying a new floor, timber floors are always the best option. Wood flooring has the property to blend in all types of home designs. Timber floors add value and enhance their beauty

Staining New Flooring to Match Colour of Old flooring

The existing timber flooring in this house was previously polished, Cypress Pine. As part of a home renovation, the total floor area was increased by laying new pine flooring into the extension. As is often the case with new timber flooring, the wooden floorboards can be lighter in colour and this would have been obviously

Timber Floor Board Replacement and Staining

This old timber pine floor in a New Farmhouse had many timber floorboards that had been previously infected with timber borer. This often compromises the structural integrity of the timber floorboard and also renders the floorboard unpleasant in appearance. Firstly the timber floor is sanded back and any damaged floorboards are identified for replacement. The

Trades are Essential Services-We are Open for Business

Trade services REMAIN on the Governments ESSENTIAL SERVICES list during the COVID-19 crisis. No Federal- Level bans apply to Trade services and they have not been added to the restricted services list. Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane is open for business and we are ready to transform your timber floors into your home’s most outstanding feature.

Floor Sanding & Finishing with Loba Water Base

This new house under construction in the Brisbane suburb of Sherwood had new secret nailed Blackbutt flooring and Blackbutt stairs laid throughout the entire house. Blackbutt flooring is a blonde colored hardwood and a popular choice as it has a lighter tone of color. However, when the blonde colored hardwood is finished with a polyurethane

Floor Finishing with Satin Polyurethane Finish

There was a time when customer expectation was that a polished timber floor must be glossy, and the glossier the better. Now, however, the lower sheen satin timber floor Polyurethane finishes are very popular. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly it can be argued that the satin timber floor finishes are more forgiving. Any

Floor Sanding and Polishing with Loba Invisible Protect

Do you want your floor to look natural like it is raw timber that has the appearance of having never been coated? If you don’t want your floor to look as if it has a plastic layer on top of the timber and for it not to change color and yellow with age, Loba Invisible

Floor Board Repair with Sanding and Polishing

Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane recently attended this home in Fairfield that required timber floorboard repairs, followed by floor sanding and polishing. The spotted gum hardwood timber floors had suffered water damage to the floor due to waterproofing issues in the bathroom. Over time the water ingress had damaged the timber flooring. To repair the water

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