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Is Hardwood Flooring In Bathrooms Good Or Bad?

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Wood enhances the look of a home and uplifts its monetary value. A complete hardwood interior is luxurious in appearance and gives harmony to the house. Timber floors in bathrooms in Brisbane homes date back a long time. An annual sanding and polishing of the bathroom hardwood

How To Transition Hardwood Floors From One Space To Another?

The term transition refers to the change in the symmetry. The transition of hardwood floors is a change in the flooring pattern from one area to another. Although flooring should be harmonized in all areas of the house, there are points where transitioning of the floor is necessary. As the pattern of the flooring changes,

Maintenance And Care For Hardwood Floors This Winter

The winter season brings a lot of joy with barbecues on deck gatherings. Warm tea and hot chocolate coffee on your balcony with your family are winter fantasies. Do not neglect your beautiful timber floors while enjoying this beautiful winter. Hardwood floors require extensive care in extreme weather conditions. Your floor can do just fine

How The Sunlight Effects Wooden Floors?

Sunlight is a potential source of energy and survival for all living things. We cannot imagine life without the sun. Plants need sunlight for their growth and development and become a source of timber for construction purposes. While the same sunlight is essential for plant growth, its long-term exposure to the timber floor causes damage.


Your house’s deck is a fantastic spot to spend quality time with your family and friends. The timber deck is a fine feasting area and an indoor luxury point for small gatherings. Selecting the type of wood for installation and cleaning with the deck cleaner, all the decisions will ultimately affect the appearance of your

Restoration Of Water Damaged Wooden Floorboards

Speaking of damage to the wooden floor caused by water, the wood of any type when exposed to excessive moisture is definitely going to be damaged. Wood is hygroscopic (the ability to absorb water) in nature. This feature allows it to absorb moisture from the environment causing the wood to swell and may also rot

Trendy Floors – A Source of Potential Buyers Attraction

With the increase in the population, the demand for land also increases, this demand is directly proportional to the increase in the worth and value of the land. People tend to buy built and furnished homes as it is time-saving and cost-effective instead of building a new one. When it comes to selling a house,

Tips to Develop Maintenance Regime for Upcoming Summers for your timber floors

Timber floors have been an epitome of beauty and serenity for centuries. They have always been the first priority when it comes to building a new house or auspicating any area. With all the positive outcomes of their installation, timber floors also require being looked after regularly. As the source of timber floors is purely

Staining New Flooring to Match Colour of Old flooring

The existing timber flooring in this house was previously polished, Cypress Pine. As part of a home renovation, the total floor area was increased by laying new pine flooring into the extension. As is often the case with new timber flooring, the wooden floorboards can be lighter in colour and this would have been obviously

Floor Sanding and Staining with feast Watson Black

Last year Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane sanded and polished the old timber floors at the White Chapel Kalbar wedding venue and their Black Hall Reception Centre in rural Historic Kalbar in the Scenic Rim. A year later the owners of White Chapel have added two residences to act as wedding accommodation for the quests or

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