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Floor Sanding Process And Polishing Process Brisbane

Floor Sanding Preparation

All trade work should be completed before any floor polishing or floor sanding process takes place in your Brisbane home. Our floor sanders will require electricity and lighting to start and complete your polished timber floors. Newly purchased homes often need to have the electricity reconnected before we can commence refinishing any wooden floors.

It is ideal to have all painting completed, except for the final coat on the skirting boards as our floor sanding equipment will come into contact with the skirting boards during the sanding and polishing process.

Any Electrical or Gas appliances should be disconnected or turned off.

Timber floor finishes can sometimes seep through the timber tongue and groove boards, so we advise moving or covering items stored under the wooden floors being polished.

All floor coverings and furniture need to be removed from the area requiring sanding. Budget Floor Sanding can organize floor covering removal at an extra cost if needed. Undertaking the removal of all tacks and staples yourself will reduce your floor sanding and polishing price.

The Floor Sanding and Polishing Process

The Floor Sanding process begins with punching exposed nails below the surface of the wooden floors. If the timber floor has an existing coating, we then remove the coating with coarse sandpaper, at this point, we will repair or replace floor boards that require attention.

The timber floor is then sanded with finer grades of sandpaper until they are smooth and ready for the coating to be applied. Our team uses the best machines in timber flooring
industry, the Canadian Galaxy drum machine.floor sanding process brisbane

We now apply the first coat on the timber floor and this coat must dry overnight. Before we apply further coats the floor Is finely sanded with a buffering machine. Generally, we apply 3
coats to the floor and the process takes 3-4 days to be completed. We offer a range of floor finishes depending on your preference of floor finish. Floor finishes
include gloss, satin, and mat. We have a selection of solvent-based, polyurethane, environmentally friendly water-based, and traditional oil-based finishes.

Please contact Matt to discuss your floor sanding and polishing requirements. Find more details on our Timber Floor Finishes page.

If you require the best floor sanding and polishing services throughout Brisbane, contact Glenn to discuss all your floor sanding and timber floor finishing options that suit your style, budget, and time frame. Sanding wood floors is our specialty, so why don’t you find out what we can do for you?

Take a look at the beautiful timber floors Budget Floor Sanding has transformed, in our Timber Floor Gallery.

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Timber Hardwood Floor coated with a Gloss Polyurethane Finish

Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Sanding And Polishing Process Brisbane

How long does the floor sanding and polishing process take?

The floor sanding and polishing process typically takes 3-4 days to complete. This includes the time required for sanding, applying multiple coats of finish, and allowing each coat to dry properly.

Do I need to remove all furniture before the floor sanding process?

Yes, it is recommended to remove all furniture from the area that requires sanding. This ensures that the floor sanders have unobstructed access to the entire floor surface, allowing for a more thorough and even sanding.

Can Budget Floor Sanding assist with floor covering removal?

Yes, Budget Floor Sanding can assist with the removal of floor coverings, such as carpets or rugs, for an additional cost. However, if you prefer to reduce the overall cost, you can undertake the removal of tacks and staples yourself before the sanding process begins.

What happens to exposed nails on the wooden floor during the sanding process?

During the floor sanding process, any exposed nails on the wooden floor are punched below the surface. This ensures a smooth and even surface for sanding and prevents damage to the sanding equipment.

What type of machines are used for sanding the timber floor?

Budget Floor Sanding uses Canadian galaxy drum machines, which are known for their excellent performance in the timber flooring industry. These machines are designed to provide efficient and high-quality sanding results.

How many coats of finish are applied to the timber floor?

Typically, three coats of finish are applied to the timber floor. The first coat is applied and allowed to dry overnight. Before applying additional coats, the floor is finely sanded using a buffering machine to create a smooth surface.

What options are available for floor finishes?

Budget Floor Sanding offers a range of floor finishes to suit different preferences. These options include gloss, satin, and matte finishes. There are also choices between solvent-based, polyurethane, environmentally friendly water-based, and traditional oil-based finishes.

Can damaged floorboards be repaired or replaced during the sanding process?

Yes, if there are damaged floorboards, Budget Floor Sanding can repair or replace them as part of the sanding process. This ensures that the final result is a smooth and uniform floor surface.

How are color variations between replacement floorboards and the original ones addressed?

Floorboard replacement is carried out with careful color matching in mind. Similar colored timber floorboards are sourced, and if any color variations occur, wood floor staining is performed to blend the new floorboards with the surrounding original ones. This attention to color matching ensures a seamless and cohesive appearance.

How long does the floor sanding and polishing process typically take?

The duration of the floor sanding and polishing process depends on various factors, including the size of the area, the condition of the floor, and the number of coats applied. Generally, the process takes around 3 to 4 days to complete. This allows for thorough sanding, drying time between coats, and the application of multiple coats for a durable and beautiful finish.





Customer Reviews
The attention to detail and quality workmanship is why we have used Budget Floor Sanding to sand and polish timber floors on two home renovations. They are competitive on price and most importantly their expertise produced beautiful timber floors. If you need floor sanding and polishing in Brisbane, you need Budget Floor Sanding. Very professional company. Review by: Sue Blunt
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