Timber Decks and Verandahs Sanding Brisbane

Timber decking is a popular choice for the outdoor living areas of Brisbane homes. An exterior wooden deck doesn’t just increase the alfresco entertaining area of your home, it also has the possibility to raise the value of your property and is well worth looking after. Regular care and maintenance are required to protect the longevity of your timber deck.

When do you need Timber Deck Sanding In Brisbane?

Your timber deck/verandah may need sanding and recoating if it starts to show any of the following signs of deterioration.

  • Deck coating starts to peel
  • The timber decking boards start to turn grey
  • Bowed or cupped floorboards
  • Nails start to protrude out of the wooden boardsPool Deck polishing brisbane

Timber Deck and Verandah Restoration Process

Budget Floor sanding can sand and coat your pool and outdoor timber decks, then apply an attractive and resilient deck finish of your choice, restoring them to their beautiful original finish.

We recommend Sikkens products for an attractive deck appearance and longevity. Decking Oil is an economical, lower-cost option but is less durable and requires more maintenance.

Take a look at some impressive examples of polished and re-coated timber decks in our gallery of sanded and polished timber floors.




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