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How To Choose The Best Natural Wood Finish For Your Hardwood Floors?

Are you planning on installing a new floor or renovating an existing one? You must pass through all the flooring steps, including floor sanding, polishing, and finishing. As floor sanding and polishing are the main steps, finishing the floors is the final step that gives beauty, luster, and protection to the hardwood floor. If you

Is Hardwood Flooring In Bathrooms Good Or Bad?

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Wood enhances the look of a home and uplifts its monetary value. A complete hardwood interior is luxurious in appearance and gives harmony to the house. Timber floors in bathrooms in Brisbane homes date back a long time. An annual sanding and polishing of the bathroom hardwood

Trendy Floors – A Source of Potential Buyers Attraction

With the increase in the population, the demand for land also increases, this demand is directly proportional to the increase in the worth and value of the land. People tend to buy built and furnished homes as it is time-saving and cost-effective instead of building a new one. When it comes to selling a house,

Revitalizing Oil Harwood Floors-an Idea to Work On

Harwood Floors have a unique quality of providing an essence of serenity and charm if kept with care and maintenance. But, if unattended, the same floor will give a shabby and worn-in look, not just to a limited space but to the whole house. Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane is here to provide solutions to your

Floor sanding & Polishing at Herston with Whittle Waxes

In this new house under construction, the floor had been laid with White Mahogany 130 mm tongue and groove timber flooring. This Herston home is being constructed by a builder for whom Budget Floor Sanding regularly does work. After a discussion with the homeowner, it became evident of the desire to finish the floor with

Floor Sanding and Polishing at Annerley

When homes change hands, this is often the catalyst for renovation and freshening up of the house. The Tasmanian Oak timber floors in this residence had been previously polished but were now in need of a timber floor restoration. The time prior to moving the furniture into a new residence is the obvious opportunity to

Floor Sanding & Polishing of Stairs at Ascot

The timber stairs in this Ascot house are centrally located within a large double story section of the home. Re sanding and polishing work has been undertaken on the stairs to prepare this Ascot home for sale. Budget Floor Sanding sanded the timber staircase, removing the old polyurethane coating back to the original wooden surface.

Floor Sanding & Polishing of Parquetry at Red Hill

Installation of a new parquetry floor was undertaken in a new home under construction in the Brisbane suburb of Red Hill. A portion of the flooring has been laid in block parquetry using Blackbutt timber. The parquetry in this instance was laid in a herringbone pattern. Once again this flooring project was completed for a

Recoating polished Timber Floors at Hawthorne

Sanded and polished wooden floors do not necessarily always have to be completely re-sanded and polished. If the existing coating has maintained its integrity the floor can often be re rejuvenated by the application of an additional coat of timber floor polish. The photos of this house in Hawthorne are an example of this timber

Floor Sanding and Polishing at Holland Park

Floor sanding and polishing were required in this recently built Holland Park home. Budget Floor Sanding was contracted by the builder to sand and polish the wooden floor and stairs. The timber flooring used in this residence was Tasmanian Oak, it is a light-colored timber with light pink tones. The timber stairs were constructed using

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