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Timber Floor Staining Brisbane

Budget Floor Sanding regularly provides its services in staining timber floors and timber decks. The main purpose of staining is to change the appearance of the floor, by changing the natural color of the wood. Staining hardwood floors at home on your own is a tiresome, time-consuming, and tedious project. So why not hire a pro to do the job we, BFS are eminent in providing each task we do.

Step By Step Process For Timber Floor Staining In Brisbane

Before initiating the staining process, we have an “action plan” ready to avoid any interruptions. The process is executed step by step carefully because each step is crucial in giving the final look.

The first and foremost process is “sanding”. An uneven floor cannot be stained as there will be areas of darker and lighter colors and the final finish will not be pleasant. The area is prepared by removing all the furniture and covering the doors with plastic sheets to avoid the spread of dust. The area is the n inspected in detail and if any rough surface comes under observation, it is sanded using sandpaper. The sanding is done exquisitely as the finest the sanding is done, splendid the staining will be.

After sanding is done, the next step is cleaning the premises using a special vacuum cleaner built for this purpose only. The common household vacuum cleaner is avoided as it leaves stretch marks on the timber. Cleaning is also done with the use of cloth dipped in spirit to reach every corner.

Application of stain is not done directly; rather a test procedure is done on a small piece of the timber which is of the same type as that is laid on the floor. It is then left to dry in the same room. Now, if you desire to have water popping, it is done at this stage. Before applying the stain, water is sprinkled over the sanded area and let dry for a day or so. It is important to keep proper ventilation to avoid trapping vapors in the room. Stain is then applied moving from one corner of the room and reaching towards the exit. It is important to wipe away any excess stain through a rag continuously before it dries out to provide an even and smooth texture. As it is a one-time procedure, we move with a proper strategy to avoid intrusion. The floor is then left to dry for up to 72 hours depending upon the specifications of the stain applied.

A wide range of products is available in the market which provides different finished looks based on your choice. Feast Watsons makes a comprehensive range of stains in the Proof Tint range. These timber stains are then added to a reducer base and the combination of the two is then rolled onto the timber floor. Various colors in combination can be added to the reducer base to achieve the desired outcome. Presently the most popular timber floor staining colors are black and walnut tones.

Hoop Pine flooring before staining

Hoop Pine flooring before staining

Hoop Pine flooring after application of Chocolate colour stain

Hoop Pine flooring after application of Chocolate color stain








This enables a range of colors to be achieved and also allows for the strength or depth of color to be varied, giving deep rich colors or lighter more transparent shades. Generally having been given a brief from the customer, Budget Floor Sanding will make a variety of color samples to assist you in your selection of color. Then comes the time to apply the floor stain coat. After the wooden floor is stained, three top coats of floor finish are applied.

Timber floor staining new floors also allows us to color-match existing darker timber floors for a seamless transition between your old and new floors.
The last step in the timber floor staining process is coating. There are vast options available to choose from for this purpose. We apply three top coats of floor finish for its

floor sanding Brisbane

Pine Floor after Floor Sanding

Frequently Asked Questions About Timber Floor Staining Brisbane

What is the purpose of timber floor staining?

The main purpose of timber floor staining is to change the appearance of the floor by altering the natural color of the wood. It allows you to achieve the desired aesthetic effect and customize the look of your hardwood floors.

Why should I hire a professional for timber floor staining?

timber floor staining is a complex and time-consuming process. Hiring a professional ensures that the staining is done correctly and efficiently, avoiding any mistakes or uneven application. Professionals have the expertise, tools, and experience to deliver high-quality results.

What is the first step in the timber floor staining process?

The first step is preparing the floor for staining, which involves sanding the surface to ensure it is even and smooth. This helps in achieving a consistent and pleasing finish. Furniture is removed, and the area is covered to prevent dust from spreading.

How are the premises cleaned before staining?

After sanding, the premises are cleaned using a special vacuum cleaner designed for timber floors. This ensures that any dust or debris is removed. Additionally, cloth dipped in spirit is used to reach every corner and ensure thorough cleaning.

What is the process of staining timber floors?

Before applying the stain, a test procedure is conducted on a small piece of timber to determine the desired color and effect. The stain is then applied to the floor using a rag, moving from one corner to the exit. Excess stain is wiped away continuously to achieve an even and smooth texture.

How long does it take for the stained floor to dry?

The drying time of the stained floor depends on the specifications of the stain applied. Generally, it can take up to 72 hours for the floor to dry completely. Proper ventilation is important during this period to prevent the trapping of vapors in the room.

What types of timber floor staining products are available?

There is a wide range of products available in the market for timber floor staining. Feast Watsons offers a comprehensive range of stains in the Proof Tint range. These stains can be combined with a reducer base to achieve various colors and finishes.

How can timber floor staining help with color-matching existing floors?

Timber floor staining allows for color matching with existing darker timber floors. This ensures a seamless transition between old and new floors, creating a harmonious look throughout the space.

What is the final step in the timber floor staining process?

The final step is the coating process. After the timber floor is stained, three top coats of floor finish are applied to enhance durability, protection, and the desired aesthetic appearance.

How can Budget Floor Sanding assist with timber floor staining?

Budget Floor Sanding can provide a variety of color samples to help you select the perfect stain for your timber floors. They have the expertise and experience to ensure proper staining, coating, and finishing, delivering high-quality results and a beautiful transformed floor.

We provide a wide range of Timber Floor Staining and Liming options to help you achieve your desired result. Are you thinking about staining your wooden floor? Contact us for a free floor sanding and polishing quote.



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