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F.A.Q s About Floor Sanding Brisbane

floor sanding Brisbane

Can my old wooden floors be sanded and polished?

Customers are often surprised how their old timber floor can be transformed into a stylish, low maintenance and durable feature of their home. Even floors damaged by time, timber borers and previous bad renovations can be salvaged with some floor board repairs, replacement and staining. Polished timber floors are often a cheaper and healthier option than carpet when considering your flooring options. Especially so if any of your family members suffer from Asthma and other allergies. Stripping off old floor coatings enables you to refinish the wooden floor, exposing the natural beauty of a timber floor.

How much sanding dust will there be?

All modern floor sanding equipment has dust collection capabilities. But there will always be some minimal dust when stripping back timber floor boards in preparation for sanding and polishing. All care is taken to keep the dust to a minimum. We endeavor to keep your home as dust free as possible.

Do you subcontract out the work?
The owner/operator and our trade qualified staff carry out all our timber floor installation, and floor sanding and polishing jobs. Floor sanding contractors are NOT used by our company.

Can stains be removed from timber floors?
Water stains or animal urine stains in some cases may not sand out of the timber floor.

How long will the sanding and polishing process take?
Obviously every floor sanding and polishing job is different and the time frame will depend on the size and complexity of the job. Generally most floor polishing and sanding jobs will take between three to four days to complete.

Floor sanding and polishing Cost:
The price of the floor sanding will depend on a variety of factors, such as the condition of the existing timber floor, possible wood floor repairs and your choice of timber floor finish. The removal of existing floor covers would also incur a extra cost. All of these variables need to be accessed and taken into consideration. Glenn can arrange to meet you onsite for a free no-obligation floor sanding quote.

Can gaps between floor boards be filled?
It is NOT recommended to fill the gaps between wooden floor boards because natural shrinking and expansion in the timber will cause edge bonding once coated and ultimately cause cracking in the timber floor or filler. Floor board gaps are required for expansion and contraction with seasonal temperature changes experienced throughout the year. Floor board gaps will be more noticeable in Brisbane’s dry winters and close again in our humid summers.

When Can the polished floors have furniture put back on them?

Furniture may be replaced after 72 hours. All furniture that comes in contact with the timber floor needs to have felt pads added for protection. Floor rugs and especially the non slip underlay should stay off the wooden floors for a weeks to allow the floor finish to completely cure.

Can I stay in the house while the floors are sanded?

In some cases yes. If you can live in the area not being sanded and can tolerate the noise and smell of a floor renovation for a few days, it will save you the inconvenience of moving out briefly. Some clients plan ahead and organised the floor sanding and polishing to be done whilst they are away on holidays.

Do you remove carpet, Lino and other floor coverings?

Carpet and floor covering removal can be organized prior to the start of your floor sanding and polishing job. This will incur a extra fee. If you are able to undertake this yourself, it will ensure a cheaper floor sanding price.

Should I sand the timber floors before or after installing a new kitchen? 

Sanding the wooden floor before the kitchen installation is advisable as a completely flat floor is preferred by the kitchen installers and it is best that our floor sanding equipment avoid sanding up to the new kick board as the machinery can mark the cabinetry. For the best floor sanding results when installing a kitchen, it is preferable to sand and polish the wooden floor and apply some of the finishing coats before the kitchen is installed. Once the cabinetry is completely installed we can return, deal with any minor damage that may have been incurred during installation and then apply the final coat of timber floor finish.


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