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Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane has extensive experience in all aspects of Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing including Timber Floor Installation. Sanding your wooden floors provides excellent value for money, presenting you with an economical, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and modern, natural flooring option. Our many years of service within the Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing industry have made us proficient in all of the following services. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our testimonials and see why our customers think we are Brisbane’s best floor sanders, delivering superior workmanship and five-star customer service.

Floor Sanding

Removing the top surface of a wooden floor by using coated abrasive material is known as the sanding process. It enhances the beauty, feel, and attractiveness of the wood as well as increases the longevity of timber floors.

Floor Polishing

The floor sanding process is followed by the floor polishing process, to give a perfect finish to the floor. Our ultimate goal is to provide polishing services that are long-lasting and leave an everlasting effect on the owner. Multiple coats of finest polishing materials are applied followed by finishing products application which includes gloss, satin or matt finish based on your choice.

Old and New timber, Cork, and Parquetry Floors

Budget floor sanding is not limited to providing floor sanding and polishing services to old timber floors but also covers new floor installations and their finishing. Cork floors (small pieces of cork processed to make cork tiles) and parquetry floors (patterned floors) are also sanded and refurnished except for the cork tile which has veneer on its top. Parquetry sanding removes all the stains and gives the parquet floor back to life.

Timber Decks and Verandahs

A well-maintained timber deck and verandah not only add beauty to your home but also increase its value in monetary terms. With our services, we can refurnish the old timber floors or alter their look as per your choice.

Timber Floor Repairs and Floor Board Replacement

Endurance of timber floor requires time-to-time repair and when needed, replacement. Peeling out of the coating, protruding nails, worm infestation, or staining of timber floor, all of these are signs that your floor needs either to be replaced or repaired. Timber floor board replacement or repairs is the job we excel in and incomparable to any other service provided as our work speaks for itself!

Internal and Exterior Timber Stairs

Renovation of a house does not just include the floor or decks but also stairs. It is a monotonous process but with a proper understanding of the work required, your timber stairs could be refurbished. If the preexisting finish of timber stairs is in good shape then it is slightly sanded to remove surface scratches and then applied finish. However, if the condition is worse proper sanding is done with a high grit number followed by stain removal, and then finished.

Installation of Timber Flooring Overall Subfloors

A structure where a wooden floor is based is known as a subfloor. The timber floor is installed on a subfloor made of wood, concrete, plywood, etc. If the subfloor is wooden, it is first sanded and prepared for the installation of timber floors.

Timber Floor Staining

The crucial part of timber floor renovations and repair is the application of stain. The color of the stain would be of your choice. Proper ventilation is required in the premises where the staining procedure is being carried out. The process takes almost 48 to 72 hours to completely dry and the variations are due to atmospheric conditions. After staining, a finish is applied which is compatible with the type of stain being used.

Re-coating and Refinishing Existing Polished Wooden Floors

Re-coating of timber floors provides the exquisite look of the floor after pre-treatment processes followed by sanding have been done. The processes of re-coating and refinishing involve the use of different coating materials which gives different appearance based on the type of material being used.

Removal and Disposal of Old Floor Coverings if Required

Depending upon the desired services by the owner, we properly remove and dispose of old floor coverings. This procedure is done by our professionals who, by way of using modern pieces of equipment, complete the process within no time.

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Seamless Exterior and Interior flooring

All Things Flooring, Budget Floor Sanding is the best of the best in Brisbane

So if you need new timber floors polished or your old wood floors look scratched, faded, and damaged and could do with a timber floor restoration, contact Matthew and let us renovate your existing timber floors. Our expertise within the Brisbane Floor Sanding and Polishing industry will not only transform your polished floors but will also increase your property value and set it apart from others. If you desire beautiful timber floors at an affordable and competitive price, email or call Glenn and book a free floor sanding and polishing quote. We excel at sanding timber floors, so don’t miss out on the desired polished floors. Rated five stars by Google, Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane is a professional team to delivers a quality job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Sanding And Polishing In Brisbane

What is floor sanding, and why is it important?

Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surface of a wooden floor using abrasive material. It is essential as it enhances the beauty, durability, and lifespan of timber floors, giving them a refreshed appearance.

What is floor polishing, and what does it involve?

Floor polishing follows the sanding process and involves applying multiple coats of high-quality polishing materials to achieve a perfect finish. It includes the application of gloss, satin, or matte finishes based on your preference.

Does Budget Floor Sanding work with both old and new timber floors?

Yes, Budget Floor Sanding provides services for both old timber floor renovations and new floor installations. We can refinish existing floors and also handle the installation and finishing of new timber floors.

Can Budget Floor Sanding sand and refinish cork and parquetry floors?

Absolutely! Budget Floor Sanding specializes in sanding and refinishing not only timber floors but also cork floors and parquetry floors. Our expert services can bring these unique flooring types back to life.

Do you provide timber deck and verandah refinishing services?

Yes, we offer services to refinish and transform old timber decks and verandahs. Our team can restore the beauty of your outdoor spaces by refinishing the timber surfaces or giving them a new look according to your preferences.

Can Budget Floor Sanding handle timber floor repairs and floorboard replacement?

Yes, we excel in timber floor repairs and floor board replacement. Whether your floor requires minor repairs or complete board replacements, our skilled professionals have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Does Budget Floor Sanding offer services for internal and exterior timber stairs?

Absolutely! We understand that stairs are an important part of any renovation project. Our services cover the renovation and refurbishment of both internal and exterior timber stairs, ensuring they match the overall aesthetic of your home.

What is involved in the installation of timber flooring over different subfloors?

When installing timber flooring, we take into account various subfloor materials such as wood, concrete, and plywood. For wooden subfloors, we ensure they are properly sanded and prepared to create a solid base for the timber floor installation.

Can Budget Floor Sanding assist with timber floor staining?

Yes, we offer timber floor staining services. You can choose your preferred stain color, and our professionals will ensure proper application and drying. We also provide suitable finishes that complement the chosen stain.

Do you provide re-coating and refinishing services for existing polished wooden floors?

Yes, we specialize in re-coating and refinishing existing polished wooden floors. Through meticulous pre-treatment and sanding processes, we achieve a beautiful result by applying different coating materials that provide a refreshed appearance.





Customer Reviews
I would definitely recommend the team from Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane after they re-sanded and polished the hardwood timber floors and deck at our old post-war home. They were prompt and professional and their tradesmen did a brilliant job of restoring our old brush box timber floors. Our floors look amazing. Review by: Charisse Marnock
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