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Staining of a Hoop Pine Timber Floor at Norman Park

Hoop Pine Timber Floor Stained with Black Japan

Staining of timber floors has become a frequent line of inquiry here at Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane. Principally the floor stain colours that clients are interested in, are black stains and dark chocolate brown stains. In old queenslanders not everyone desires the honey colour of the old Hoop Pine floor boards and these are the most common timber floors that we are asked to stain.

In this house at Norman Park, Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane, stained the timber floor with a Feast Watson Prooftint colour called Black Japan. This colour stain is an equal mix of black and walnut and as can be seen in the photo gives the wooden floor a dark chocolate brown appearance. As always when staining a timber floor, the customers were provided with stain samples prior to the application of the stain to ensure the colour met the customers expectations. Generally when staining a floor a dark colour the floor is then finished with a satin polyurethane timber floor coating. A gloss finish results in a floor that shows every particle of dust and is very hard to keep looking clean. If your timber floors are looking like they are in need of a re sand and polish, now may be the perfect time to perhaps consider changing the colour of your wooden floor. Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane offers a free onsite quote for all your floor sanding and polishing inquiries. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Staining wooden floors.

Staining light colored Pine Timber Floors darker

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  • Hello Mariette,

    To get the lighter colour walnut timber floor stain is possible by adjusting the amount of walnut stain that is placed into the Feast Watson Reducer Base finish. You would need to do some test samples with different percentages of stain in the base to find out what amount of stain is required to get the depth of colour you require. Perhaps call Feast Watson direct and they should be able to help you. All the best. We hope you achieve the timber floor stain of your choice.