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To get the lighter colour walnut timber floor stain is possible by adjusting the amount of walnut stain that is placed into the Feast Watson Reducer Base finish. You would need to do some test samples with different percentages of stain in the base to find out what amount of stain is required to get the depth of colour you require. Perhaps call Feast Watson direct and they should be able to help you. All the best. We hope you achieve the timber floor stain of your choice.

By: Mariette Read Mon, 19 Dec 2016 10:29:33 +0000 Dear sirs,
I just came across your website tonight.
We have a 80 year Baltic pine floor in a Californian bungalow which has been sanded back to the raw timber. We are not big fans of Baltic pine. We wish to stain it and finish with a satin lacquer but we have trouble choosing the colour. We thought of light walnut but apparently that is not a colour that feast Watson provides. We have a dark greyish timber entertainment cabinet and basalt aluminium Windows in the modern family room with open kitchen (which is off white) but very traditional mahogany dining room table and cabinets in the formal rooms (with Persian rugs, with dominant lighter colours). The rooms are all painted antique white USA.
Would you be able to suggest a stain mix that is versatile to span modern and traditional? We would be very grateful to get your response. Kind regards, mariette