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Timber Floor Board Replacement at Greenslopes House

Timber floor with Borer damage

This Greenslopes Queenslander in the southern suburb of Brisbane, has a typical Hoop Pine floor, often found in this style of house. Unfortunately the wooden floor also has some of the issues that often accompany this soft wood flooring. Queensland borer are a common problem resulting in both structural and unsightly damage to the floor.

The first photo shows the borer damage after the timber floor has been sanded. The wooden flooring, deemed to be unsafe is removed and other floor boards considered unsightly by the owner, are also replaced. The second photo shows the tongue and groove timber floor after the selected floor boards have now been removed from the floor. The floor boards are removed in such a fashion that the original look of the timber floor is maintained.

Damaged timber floor boards removed from Hoop Pine Floor

In the last photo, the new timber floor boards have now been fitted into the old timber floor and the floor sanding can now be completed. During the finishing of the floor, the new lighter coloured timber floor boards will be individually brushed with a timber stain to blend them in with the older existing floor boards. By the end of the job it is often only those who know of the floor board replacement, who can pick that there are new boards in the floor. If you are uncertain if your old damaged wooden floor can be repaired and refashioned into a stylish floor, talk to us at Budget Floor Sanding and find out what we can do for you.

Wooden floor with new replacement tongue and groove floor boards ready for staining and coating.

Sanded and Polished floor after floor board replacement and staining.

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