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Timber Floor Repair with Timber Floor Staining

Floor board replacement in a damaged pine timber floor

Often in older houses the timber floor requires repair as part of the floor sanding and polishing process. These floor repairs often involve floor board replacement and are a service which is also carried out by Budget Floor Sanding. This house in the Brisbane Suburb of East Brisbane had previously had a section of the pine wood flooring patched with a sheet of plywood. After removing the plywood and installing replacement timber floor boards in a staggered fashion to blend the new timber flooring with the older original Hoop Pine flooring, the floor was sanded back in preparation for staining.

Stained Pine Timber Floors after Floor Board Replacement

Although the same Hoop Pine flooring is used, the new timber floor is much lighter in colour. As part of the floor coating process, the new timber flooring is then stained to blend it in with the original old timber flooring. A mixture of Feast Watson Prooftint stains are used in various ratios to achieve the best colour possible. Home owners often reluctantly resort to carpeting their damaged old timber floors as they are unaware that the damaged timber floors can often be repaired. Many old homes may have damaged portions of flooring that are capable of being repaired with floor board replacement and timber floor staining. If you are uncertain if your old wooden floors can be restored, email or call Budget Floor Sanding for an appraisal of your timber floors. You may be very surprised how fantastic your timber floors can look.

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