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Water Based Non Slip Timber Floor Finish Brisbane


Slip and fall accidents are common on newly polished timber floors. By adopting certain precautionary measures, the chances of slipping can be reduced but can never be completely eradicated. We have come up with a treatment plan for timber floor finishes Brisbane homes that will not only prevent people from slipping on floors but also gives a gleaming finish to your floor.


A question is sure to arise in your mind why water based floor finish recommended instead of a solvent-based finish? The answer is summarized in the following points to clear the picture and make a better understanding of the selection.

  • The drying time for water-based timber floor finish is lower as compared to the solvent-based. This will reduce the time for the next coating to be applied.
  • Water-based finishes have a low odor as compared to solvent based. Moreover, water-based will maintain the original color of the timber while solvent-based floor finishes Brisbane tend to give a warm effect and will become yellow over time.
  • A high level of durability is another prominent aspect of water-based floor finishes which is one of the top contributing factors towards choosing water-based over solvent-based timber floor finish.


In order to provide a smooth and non-greasy finish to the timber floors, it is highly recommended to apply a water-based non-slip finish on the timber floors. The procedure will omit the chances of having fall injuries which can be severe in certain cases and leads to fractures and deep wounds.


There is a wide range of products available in the market with the anti-slip property. Hiring a professional for the proper application of the product is essential to ensure uniform application and to rule out the chances of missing any area of the floor.

Water-based polyurethane timber coating is in demand nowadays. The reason for its popularity is due to the benefits it provides. Apart from giving a splendid look, it has slip-resistant properties as well making it best fit for commercial areas and inside homes such as decks, lounges, and other high-traffic areas. Applying polyurethane coating with a strong binder will not only increase its longevity but also provides scratch and chemical resistance.


The floor to be coated is sanded thoroughly. It is important to remove all kinds of waxes and polishes before the application of polyurethane finish. The process is followed by cleaning. The area to be coated is properly cleaned and removed from dust to avoid entrapment of dust particles between the coatings.

After proper cleaning, the coating to be applied is mixed with the proper amount of additive and binder. The mixture is then applied in a uniform manner. The number of coats to be applied on the floor is decided after inspecting the area. Once the floor dries, it is ready to be used.

Our expert team in Brisbane is famous for the provision of exceptional services when it comes to timber floor sanding and polishing. Renovation and repair of timber floors is our routine job. If you have any queries or if you are facing any problems with your Brisbane home flooring, team Budget Floor Sanding is just one call away!

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