Timber Floor Care & Maintenance

After the timber floors have had the finishing coat applied, we recommend staying off them for 24 hours. Furniture may be returned to the timber floors after 48 hours and we highly advise the need for protective felt pads on any part of furniture that comes into contact with the timber floor.

Allow the floor to further “cure” for a week before laying any rugs. Chairs that have castors need a protective mat or rug to prevent damage to the floor

Mats placed at external entrances to your newly polished floors,are a good way to minimize dirt and abrasive matter being walked onto the  timber floor. If dirt, sand or fine grit is allowed to stay on the wooden floor, it acts like sandpaper and eventually leads to a dull finish and scratches. Shoes with deep treads should be checked for small stones, as these can seriously pit the timber. High heels also cause damage and should be banned from your floors.

Timber floors can be kept clean with static mops, regular sweeping or vacuuming. Please ensure the vacuum head is good working order as some may scratch the timber floor.

Periodically your wooden floor can be cleaned with a damp mop. Do not over wet the floor as this may cause damage. A solution of half a cup of Methylated Spirits added to a bucket of warm water is the best way to keep your timber floors looking their best. Avoid using chemical cleaners from the supermarket as they can dull the floor finish.

Please Contact us with any floor sanding or polished timber floor questions that you may have. We will gladly share our knowledge, gained from years sanding and polishing Brisbane’s timber floors.