Timber Floor Staining

Budget Floor Sanding is regularly asked to stain wooden floors in a variety of colours. Presently the most popular timber floor stain colours are in black and walnut tones.

Feast Watkins make a comprehensive range of stains in the Proof Tint range. These timber stains are then added to a reducer base and the combination of the two is then rolled onto the timber floor. Various colours in combination can be added to the reducer base and the individual colours can also be added to the reducer base in various percentages.

Hoop Pine flooring before staining

Hoop Pine flooring after application of Chocolate colour stain

This enables a range of colours to be achieved and also allows for the strength or depth of colour to be varied, giving deep rich colours or lighter more transparent shades. Generally having been given a brief from the customer, Budget Floor Sanding will make a variety of colour samples to assist you in your selection of colour. Then come the time to apply the floor stain coat, the customer has already seen the sample of what the polished timber floor will look like when finished. After the wooden floor is stained, three top coats of floor finish are applied.

Staining new timber floors also allows us to colour match to existing darker timber floors for a seamless transition between your old and new floor .

Limed Pine Floor after Floor Sanding

We provide a wide range of Timber Floor Staining and Liming options to help you achieve your desired result. Are you thinking about staining your wooden floor? Contact us for a free floor sanding and polishing quote.