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Anti Slip for Timber Stairs

Floor sanding timber stairs

Anti Slip Timber Stair Additive

Are your timber stairs safe? In 2014 the Australian Building Codes Board and State government Regulators introduced new regulations for slip resistance on timber stairs within the Building Code of Australia. This now means that when sanding and coating timber stairs, the wooden treads must be finished with an Anti Slip additive into the coating, which will give the timber stair tread an R10 slip rating. This results in the timber stair tread ending up with a near matt sheen level and for this reason, we now recommend that wooden stairs are finished in a satin finish so as to minimize the sheen difference between the treads and the rest of the stairs.

These regulations only apply to new builds and extensions or additions that require it to be certified. A re-sand and polish of an existing timber staircase in Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s established home do not require the new regulations to be applied. If you are still concerned about the safety of your timber stairs and would like some more floor sanding and polishing information, contact Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane for google five star rated Brisbane floor sanders.


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