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Floor Sanding and Polishing Timber Floors

Timber floorboards are one of those original features that homeowners long for and real estate agents crow about. They are synonymous with contemporary interiors. They are not new of course, with timbers such as Queensland Hoop Pine used in some of our oldest Brisbane homes. With mass production of tongue and groove flooring, timber flooring was by far the most popular domestic choice in homes.

Since then, however, timber floors and the floor sanding and polishing of them have dipped in and out of fashion. There has over the years been periods where Lino and Cork have ruled, and then there was a period of nylon carpet. Bare timber floorboards were taken as a sign one couldn’t stretch to more lavish coverings.

However for many years now, timber flooring of all types has proliferated, timber flooring has become a must-have. With floor sanding and polishing, new and existing floors have a durable long term life with the ability to re-sand and polish as floors require.


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