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Floor Sanding & Polishing of Brushbox Timber Floors

Polished hardwood Brushbox wooden floors

Brushbox timber floors coated with a Gloss Polyurethane floor finish.

Brushbox timber flooring is one of the commonly found hardwood timbers used in many homes around Brisbane. However due to its limited supply and the therefore high price it is not often installed in many new houses. Brushbox has long been sought after for its unique properties and aesthetic qualities. it has a fine, even texture with a beautiful, rich color. The timber color can vary from pale pinkish grey to rich reddish-brown. The natural color variation within the Brushbox timber species is normal and one of its most appealing attributes.

The photos shown are from a home recently sanded and polished by Budget Floor Sanding in Bardon. The wooden floor had been previously polished but was in need of re-polishing. After the old worn finish was stripped off the timber floor, it was then polished with three coats of a polyurethane gloss finish to give a new lease of life to a quality timber floor. Re polishing the wooden floor has completely restored the floor back to its former glory.

Sanded and polished Brushbox timber floors

High Gloss durable Polyurethane timber floor finish

2 responses to “Floor Sanding & Polishing of Brushbox Timber Floors”

  1. Jim and Wendy Bisset says:

    I have a 49-years-old brushbox floor that I would LOVE to rejuvenate but NOT with anything toxic — have you used oil finishes on brushbox? I’ve contacted several floor suppliers/sanders and I’m being given conflicting information as to what can and can not be used on brushbox. I would appreciate another opinion. Job is on Gold Coast.

    • Glenn says:

      Hi Jim and Wendy,
      Although brushbox floors may produce a hazy brushbox bloom after floor sanding and coating, this will generally disappear in time as the natural oil in the timber makes its way to the surface. The oil is easily removed with mopping until the timber floor boards eventually release their natural oil. If you are looking for non toxic finishes there are water based polyurethanes that may meet your requirements. Take a look at Intergrain Enviropro or if you like the look of a completely raw natural unfinished look, Invisible Protect, that meets tough German standards, may be worth considering. Oil products are not as durable and will require more recoats but they do have a beautiful satin patina. Whittle wax products may be worth a look as they don’t use any carcinogenic or toxic VOC-containing solvents.
      Hope this information assists with your research and decision making.
      Regards Glenn
      Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane

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