Floor Sanding using Whittle Wax

Staircase completed with a Whittle Wax finish after floor sanding and polishing

Whittle Wax floor finish

On occasions, Budget Floor Sanding is asked to use the Whittle Wax range of products to coat timber floors after the floor sanding process. Whittle wax is a hard wax oil and is colorless open-pored moisture regulating coating for wood. As a penetrating product, it provides a natural finish to the timber floor and when finished in the low sheen options of satin or matte, it provides a earthy soft lustre to the timber floor. For some people, this is an attractive alternative option to polyurethane floor finishes that seal the floor with a film of product on top of the wooden floor.

This Architect designed renovation was recently completed with a Whittle wax finish after the floor sanding the Seven Hills home. The Whittle Wax product had been specified by the architect. The product is a two coat system with the wax floor finishes receiving light sand between coats. With wooden flooring both upstairs and downstairs plus stairs, the floor sanding was a large job with the flooring requiring a high standard of finish before application of the Whittle Wax on the sanded timber floors. If you are interested in using Whittle wax on your floor sanding project and have questions regarding the product please contact us and let us help you choose the right timber floor finish for your project.

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