Timber Engineered Flooring Installation in Mount Gravatt

Engineered Timber Floor Installation

Ready for Engineered Timber Floor Installation

When installing wooden flooring over concrete, engineered flooring is becoming more prevalent. Engineered timber flooring rather than being solid timber is instead a veneer of timber on a plywood backing. The overall thickness maybe around 15mm with a veneer of around 4mm. This style of the timber flooring is more stable with no twists or warping and is ideal for gluing onto concrete slabs.

The first photo shows the bare concrete slab which has been prepared for the installation. Skirting boards have been removed and will be reinstalled at the completion of the job.

Installation of Engineered Floor

Installation of Engineered Floor

The second photo shows the timber floor installation in progress. The engineered flooring is glued to the concrete slab with a flexible polyurethane adhesive which will allow some movement in the flooring to occur as may be necessary with changing atmospherics.

The third photo shows the job at completion after floor sanding and polishing has occurred. The wooden floor only requires light sand and will have sufficient thickness of the veneer for subsequent floor sanding to occur in future years. The wooden floor was finished with a gloss polyurethane coating.

Engineered Timber Floor

sanded and polished Engineered Timber Floor

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