Timber Floor Maintenance and Care

DC Front DoorModern polyurethane finishes are extremely tough and hard-wearing, however, there are certain things that you can do to get the best out of your timber floor.

Sand and grit are harmful to polished timber floors, they overtime act as sandpaper on the polished surface. They are easily bought into homes with footwear and will over time result in scratched floors.

Therefore mats should be placed both inside and outside of doorways to minimize sand and grit entering the home. Mats also placed in high wear areas such as hallways and kitchens will also help to reduce undue localized wear on your polished timber floor.

Hot direct sunlight as can be experienced in Brisbane is also a factor that should be considered. Regular direct sunlight such as morning and afternoon can cause your timber floor to the gap between boards and for boards to cup. Sunlight will also cause both the finish on the floor and the timber itself to yellow over time. Curtains and blinds are worth considering and are an effective means of controlling direct sunlight getting onto your polished timber floor. In a warm sunny city such as Brisbane, these points should be considered to get the best out of your floor and to help avoid premature floor sanding and polishing of your floor.

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