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Recoating polished Timber Floors at Hawthorne

re-sanding and recoating sanded and polished wooden floors

Recoating a Polished Timber Floor in Hawthorne

Refinishing timber floors with a single coat of finish

Sanding between coats during the re-sanding and re-coating process.

Sanded and polished wooden floors do not necessarily always have to be completely re-sanded and polished. If the existing coating has maintained its integrity the floor can often be re rejuvenated by the application of an additional coat of timber floor polish.

The photos of this house in Hawthorne are an example of this timber floor recoating process. Budget Floor Sanding first sanded and polished the floors in this house around six years ago and after a period of absence from the house, the owners were keen to lift the appearance of the polished floor prior to moving back in.

Prior to the application of the polyurethane timber floor coating, the floor is firstly cleaned and then given a light sand to ensure the bonding of the new coat to the existing coating. Not only does this process lift the appearance of the polished timber floor but it also helps to prolong the life of the wooden floor. It does have its limitations, the light sand will remove some light scratch marks however it will not remove any significant dents or scratch marks on the polished floor. The process is however significantly cheaper and quicker than full floor sand and polish and is a worthwhile process in maintaining your polished wooden floor. To keep your floors looking impressive with a simple re-sand and coat, contact Brisbane’s best floor sanding specialists, Budget Floor Sanding. Re-coating polished Timber Floors at Hawthorne

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