Common Winter Problems With External Timber Stairs In Brisbane And Their Solution

External timber stairs are pleasing and a valuable addition to Brisbane homes. They impart natural beauty and a must-have structure in almost every home in Brisbane. In the winter, increased humidity and wet conditions damage the wood-causing warping and buckling of the treads. Wooden stairs are elegant, but they come with their requirements and issues. As the wooden stairs face all types of weather, they require persistent care and maintenance.

How Does Winter Affect The External Wooden Stairs?

Although winters in Brisbane are not of high intensity, the humidity and wetness are sufficient to damage the stairs.

  • High moisture content damages the finish and cracks in the floorboards. The cracks can split the floorboard from many points. The cracky steps make a squeaky noise when someone steps on the floorboard.
  • Changes in the water content of the wood grain due to humidity result in unevenness in the structure of the floorboard. Cupping, buckling, and warping are common issues on wooden staircases.
  • The disturbed water content loosens the nails and screws.
  • Wet air forms droplets of water on the steps, which makes them slippery.
  • Long-term exposure to moisture causes the wood to rot and fungal growth. Mold and mildew growth on the steps give an unpleasant appearance and increase the slipperiness.

Solutions And Preventive Measures For Damaged Exterior Timber Stairs

Apply wood sealant or varnish

Varnishing the treads is a tip to extend the lifespan of stairs. Wood sealant and varnishes reduce moisture penetration in the wood. Water level in the floorboards plays a crucial role in keeping its integrity and shape. Changes in the moisture level are the cause of wood warping and damage.

Anti-slip treatments

Anti-slip coatings and paints for wooden stairs are blessing in disguise in rainy seasons. These are applied to dry the treads and provide traction on rainy days. Apply anti-slip coating before Hardwax Oil and allow it to dry overnight. Shielding wooden stairs with a canopy or awning is another way to protect them from rainwater and reduce slipperiness.

Inspect for loose screws and nails on treads

As the moisture level inside the wood increases, the wood grains lose their position, resulting in the protrusion of nails and screws. They can cause injuries in the foot and dislocation of the tread previously held in place through nails.

Clean daily

Regular cleaning of the stairs keeps them vibrant and in good shape. Use a mild detergent to brush off the debris and mold from the treads.

Ensure proper drainage

Avoid water pooling around the stairs by installing and maintaining a proper draining system that will drain water after rain.

Replacing worn-out floorboards

Sometimes, the cost of replacing timber floorboards is less than repairing them. If the treads are beyond repair, replace them with pre-sanded and finished floorboards.

Considering these issues timely and following preventive measures, you can ensure your external timber stairs remain safe and beautiful throughout Brisbane’s winter. A professional team can make the right call for damaged timber stairs and fix the issues immediately. Budget Floor Sanding gives the right quote that is under your budget and does not include any unnecessary treatments. Our wooden floors and staircase maintenance is exceptionally done by sanding and polishing as needed.

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