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Floor Sanding Finishes using Whittle Waxes and Treatex

Satin Timber Floor Finishes with Whittle Waxes

Floor Sanding and Finishing with Whittle Wax

Both Whittle wax and Treatex are Hardwax oils. Hard waxes are highly effective timber floor coatings that consist of natural plant oils and waxes that have been used for the protection and enhancement of timber for centuries. Whittle wax and Treatex products in addition to enhancing the natural beauty of timber are also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and are extremely durable.

This house in the Brisbane suburb of Highgate hill had hoop pine flooring which had been previously finished in a polyurethane coating. With a desire for a floor with a soft natural luster, the owners decided to use the Treatex Hard Wax oil. After the floor sanding, two coats of the hard wax oil are applied with the wooden floor receiving light sand between coats.

Whenever Budget Floor Sanding uses this product we are always impressed by the beautiful soft earthy luster that is achieved. While the coating is not as hard wearing as a polyurethane finish, the patina it achieves look fantastic. If you would prefer to finish off your floor sanding project with a coating other than polyurethane, Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane can offer non-toxic timber floor finishes and water-based timber floor finishes as well. If you would like more information on the timber floor coating choices available to you, Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane is glad to supply all the data you need.

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