Installing a new hardwood floor or renovating an existing one requires the services of a professional. There are many factors to consider while installing hardwood floors. Wooden floor sanding also requires preemptive measures for a smooth process. Complete homework is required before making the final decision on the flooring.

Considering the following parameters before installing a new hardwood floor will be useful.

Choose the type of wood for flooring wisely

Selecting the wood for your floor should not be an abrupt decision. Wood selection is an important decision that impacts a house’s look, aesthetics, and area. Presentations can be appealing-you might buy the wood just because it will enhance the beauty of your home. But, pause for a while and carefully comprehend if this wood suits your lifestyle.

There are two main types of wood available for flooring:

  • Engineered wood has a top layer of hardwood with a plywood layer underneath.
  • Solid timber floor has planks of high-quality wood( Oak, Maple, Jarrah, etc).

Prioritize the safety of kids & pets over shiny and slippery floorschoosing right wood for floors

The newly installed timber floor looks extravagant and unparalleled in beauty, but it is also dangerous to walk on. One should be cautious while walking on a newly polished floor as it is slippery. Slippery floors can cause falls and injuries, especially for kids and pets. Following some strategies can reduce the episodes of slips and falls:

Plan a budget-friendly flooring

Before starting the flooring process, make a rough estimate of the cost and plan accordingly. New timber is costly and can be heavy on the pocket after all the installation and finishing processes. Try to get reclaimed wood to get a natural and cost-effective floor. If budget is not a problem, you can opt for the best quality Oak, Blackbutt, or Jarrah timber that is beautiful and strong.


Keep the floor harmonized throughout the house

For an aesthetically pleasing look, harmony is crucial. Floor harmony throughout the house is essential to beautify the appearance and increase the resale value. If you want different types of flooring, divide the areas into sections and give each section a unique look.

Fix the sewerage and leaking pipes before laying down the floor

Humidity and moisture are imperative factors for the integrity of timber floors. A slight change in water content in wooden planks can result in multiple issues. The kitchen and bathroom are the most affected places in the house. The sewerage system and leaking pipes should be checked and fixed before installing the floor.

What problems can leaking pipes cause to the timber?

Water from the leaking pipes will seep into the floorboards- resulting in cupping and buckling. The damage to the floorboards caused by water can only be fixed by sanding the floor or replacing the damaged wooden planks.

Are you still unsure about the various options available for floor installation? Getting a piece of professional advice can help in making a good decision that meets all their requirements.

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