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The recycling of energy resources is a process of conserving by creatively employing them. In this way, you can deploy one material to make numerous objects and for multitasking. If you are updating your floors, don’t waste the old hardwood planks by throwing them in the trash. By repurposing old hardwood planks, you will create an essence of sustainability and integrity in your home. By carefully removing nails from the old planks, there are several ways to reuse them.old hardwood planks

Note: Clean the wood properly and remove the nails before making any practical applications of the old hardwood planks.

Ways To Consume Old Floorboards

Let’s take a look at a few of the many possible ways to consume old hardwood planks.


Replace damaged floorboards: Use reclaimed floorboards instead of installing a new one when your floor gets damaged due to infestation or moisture.

Furniture: Employ old planks to make or repair furniture, including bed frames, kitchen cabinets, table tops, chairs, etc.


Decorative items: They are ideal for decorating walls with wall hangings, pot frames for indoor plants, picture frames, and many more.

Wall panels: Make wall panels by arranging planks of different lengths in chevron or herringbone patterns to create a style statement.

Shelves: You can also make small shelves on the wall to keep items such as books and decoration pieces.


Patios and deck: If you have a lot of floorboards that are no longer in use, you can hire a professional to build patios and deck flooring. It will serve as an outdoor dining area where you can spend quality time with your friends and family.

Wood fence: Create a wood fence outside the house from spare planks to ensure privacy and safety.

Use in the garden: Making small benches out of old wood is a great idea to reuse them. You can enjoy the scenic view of your garden from the bench and spend quality time. Wood frames can also serve as support for climbers and vines.


Out of many uses, the fun use is to utilize old wood in arts and crafts. Picture frames, wall decorations, candles, and pot holders are some ideas to get creative with old timber planks.


Utilize old planks in building shelves and cabinets for storage and a shoe rack to place dirty shoes. Make a closet for clothes with wide planks.

Apart from consuming the old flooring, you can give it away to charity or sell it to someone looking for a cheaper flooring option than a new one.

How Does Repurposing Reclaimed Wood Contribute Towards A Sustainable Environment?

The practical application of old wood has positive outcomes in the environment. Using natural resources wisely can contribute to conserving forests and natural habitats. Global warming is increasing due to deforestation. Repurposing old hardwood floors can lead to a sustainable atmosphere with more oxygen and less waste production.

The ways described above require careful removal of old flooring to get unharmed floorboards. Removing floorboards by yourself will risk your safety and damage to the planks.

You can rely on Budget Floor Sanding to get professionally treated floors. Our professional team will carefully inspect your floor and give the best advice to repurpose old flooring.

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