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Care and Maintenance of your Polished Timber Floors

While your new polished floor may be walked on the day after it has been finished it is necessary to exercise care until the coating has been given the opportunity to reach maximum hardness. This may take seven to ten days. During this curing period floor use is more likely to result in scuffing and scratching. While rugs are an attractive feature on floors they should not be laid until the finish is fully hardened. Rugs with rubber backing should not be used as they may stain the coating.

It is very important that felt protective pads be attached to the feet of all the furniture that tends to be moved. This includes dining chairs and tables and lounge chairs.

When returning the fridge to the kitchen after the floor sanding job is finished it should never be dragged or rolled directly on the floor. I suggest rolling it on thin sheets of masonite which have been placed on the floor. If you have two sheets you can advance a sheet at a time.

Chairs with castors result in premature wear of your floor. It is strongly recommended to place protective mats on the floor where the chair will be rolled.

These few simple tips will help to protect your new floor and to maintain its attractive appearance.

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