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Chart-topping wooden staircase designs in 2023

Staircases feature a central point of attention in a home. We spend so much time contemplating ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms that staircases are left unattended. BFS fabricates modern wooden railings. A beautiful timber-based staircase adds aesthetics, style, comfort, warmth, and sophistication to the home. While designing a staircase, considering aesthetics and style, safety and comfort should also be considered.

Contemporary Architecture And Staircases

Previously, staircases were climbing structures held against the wall with a railing for support. In the 21st century, there is a transformation in staircase designs and materials. Architects follow modern trends in selecting the materials for stairs. In contemporary architecture, wide and airy home décor is trending. A massive mansion requires a magnificent staircase to regard its beauty. A delicate and fine-style staircase is a perfect choice for a home with a contemporary interior.

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Open Stairs Or Floating Stairs

In open stairs, there is an open space between the treaders. One of the best examples of open stairs is Floating Stairs.


  • They create a visually appealing style where stair treads seem floating.
  • The floating stairs renew the soul and comfort the senses through their unique design.
  • They have a specially engineered mounting piece that holds the staircase.
  • As crawling children can fall from the space between the treads, the distance between each tread should be 4 inches or below to ensure child safety.

Glass Railing Stairs

A glass railing staircase provides luxury to the home. The elegance of using glass balustrades is unachievable by any other material. People are usually concerned about the safety of the glass balustrades. One cannot overlook the feature considering the safety of the inhabitants. Glass balustrades are strong and resistant to external pressures.

There are many benefits of using glass as a balustrade.

  • It is a durable and long-lasting material and does not require refinishing.
  • The transparent feature of glass allows you to estimate the height and dimensions of stairs.
  • It is a robust material and is fixed firmly to the stairs. The full stairs coverage is an additional safety feature for pets and children as they cannot fall from the gaps as in wooden railings.

Curved Staircases

Curved or spiral staircases are another contemporary architectural approach. They add sophistication and value to the home. The curved stairs occupy less space than other staircases. This space-optimizing feature is beneficial for narrow areas. Installing an iron or a wooden balustrade complements the beauty of spiral staircases.

L-Shaped Stairs

The traditional and everlasting style of stairs is L-SHAPED STAIRS. The stair has two portions with a landing platform in between. The landing platform serves as a point to catch a breath and to avoid falling from long treads. They are also known as Quarter turn stairs. The stairs take a 90 degrees turn and ascend in another direction.

From the above discussion, it is clear that contemporary architecture is evolving. Timber staircases are essential with timber floors to compliment each other’s beauty.

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