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Contemporary Architecture And Timber Floors

Contemporary architecture refers to the current constructions in trend. Contemporary designs are not limited to any specific time or era. They reflect the evolution in people’s living styles. Modern timber architecture passes the beauty and serenity of forests to residential and working places. Timber floors commonly found in old Brisbane homes are well preserved with the same luxury and charm. Some woods are resilient enough to last a lifetime if maintained properly.

Contemporary Architecture And Its Elements of Sustainability

Sustainability is the provision of resources for the development of future generations. Sustainable design principles create a healthy indoor environment for residents in classrooms, offices, and houses. Studies are in process globally to determine the positive health effects of timber floors on occupants of a vicinity. The green environment enhances productivity, learning, and wellness. Preservence of forests is crucial for sustaining life on Earth. However, a healthy indoor environment is the need of the hour.

Re-sanded Parquetry

Tasmanian Blue Gum parquetry with a satin water based finish

Technological And Engineering Progression

Cross-Laminated Timber(CLT)

Technological advancement has influenced timber flooring strategies in a better way. Cross-laminated timber(CLT) is a new wood technology with several layers of structural grade timbers arranged crosswise and glued together. The alternating grain pattern in CLT provides a stable and versatile flooring pattern that is lighter than concrete.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring has a thin hardwood layer at the top with a plywood core. The core consists of several layers of plywood or softwood arranged in a crisscross manner to increase the durability of the wood. Engineered wood is cheaper than solid hardwood and provides better resistance to humidity and moisture when used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Cross-laminated timber and engineered wood are products of technological and engineering progression in contemporary architecture. Maintenance with sanding and polishing increases the longevity of timber floors. Engineered wood, however, can be sanded only a few times due to the thin top hardwood layer but can last for more than 30 years with proper care.

Minimalist Effect

The minimalist approach entails the use of minimum resources for a space. A soft theme of colors will add light and make the area open and clean. You can get a minimalist look by changing the flooring style.

  • Light-stained hardwood floors(white oak, maple) can enhance the shine and brightens the room. Floor sanding and polishing can further enhance the beauty.
  • Grey-toned floors create an elusive soft tune that supplements contemporary architectural designs.
  • Narrow plants hide wood grains better and create a flawless look.

Easy maintenance and durability of wooden floors make them a top choice in Brisbane homes. They increase the aesthetics and property value. Also, they provide a clean and green environment for homeowners.

Contemporary architecture is evolving continuously and offering new ways to get a desired modern look. For timeless appeal and sophistication provided by timber floors is unmatched.

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