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A home is a place for comfort and satisfaction. Your home requires maintenance and care to ensure the continuance of this comfort. Timber floors provide a pleasing and delightful sight. This feeling is worth it only if the floor finish is non-toxic and does not give away a bad smell. Let the essence of a non-toxic floor natural oil finish welcome you when you enter your house. Numerous ecological floor finishes are available for timber floors that are cost-efficient and safe for breathing.  Many people prefer oils and paints with reduced VOC emissions and less odor.floor oil finishing

Products Available For Natural Floor Finishes In Brisbane

Natural Oil Finish

As the name indicates, natural finishes are plant-based (walnuts, linseed, and tung oil). They also contain waxes and resins to provide additional protection to the wood. The main features of these finishes are:

  • As they are plant origin, they are more expensive than traditional finishes.
  • They are high maintenance and do not protect from environmental damage.
  • They seep into the wood grain and protect the inner core from infestation and water damage. The seeping into the wood grains enhances the natural color of the wood, thereby uplifting its beauty.
  • They emit fewer VOCs, resulting in a reduction in indoor air pollution.
  • Recoating the natural oil finishes does not require scrapping old coats or sanding the floor.

Water-Based Polyurethanes

Water-based polyurethane finishes contain water as a solvent instead of mineral oils and turpentine. They are increasing in demand due to their benefits compared to other finishes.

  • Fewer VOCs and less odor make them a more pleasant option than other solvent-based finishes.
  • They preserve the natural tone of your timber floor and do not get yellow over time.
  • The coating drying time is fast. There is only a few hours gap before you can apply another coat.
  • They protect the timber from scratches, UV rays, and water damage.

Hardwax Oil Finishes

Hardwax oil is a combination of natural oils and waxes. The natural oil component contains tung, walnut, sunflower, or linseed oil combined with beeswax or carnauba wax. This combination protects the wood from external damage and enhances its natural beauty.

  • Apply a hard wax finish through a brush, roller, or cloth and wipe off any excess oil.
  • It provides a matte appearance to the floor, the best option for homeowners looking for a decent look and protection on the floor.
  • Cleaning is easy using soap or mild detergent. Wipe off the soap with a damp mop afterward.

Impact Of Using Eco-Friendly Finishes On Environment Sustainability

The natural-based finishes for timber floors have a positive outcome in the sustenance of the environment.

Chemical-free indoor environment: Fewer VOC emissions and less odor are beneficial for keeping a chemical-free indoor environment.

More durability and protection: Compared to their conventional counterparts, they provide more durability while keeping the surrounding atmosphere clean and toxin-free.

Increasing consumer demand: Due to the increasing awareness about global warming and the need of the hour to consume green tools in every aspect of life, there is an increase in consumer demand for natural products.

In conclusion, eco-friendly finishes sustain the environment and safeguard human health. Individuals and flooring businesses can contribute towards a healthy environment by opting for natural wood finishes.

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