Floor Sanding Brisbane and polishing of Stairs

The sanding and polishing of stairs is a common job performed by Budget Floor Sanding. For a number of builders in Brisbane, the house under construction may have no other polished timber area other than the stairs. New stairs are most often protected by MDF sheeting while the house is under construction and this must first be removed and the nails holding the sheeting down pulled out.  Often particles of rocks and grit will have found their way between the MDF sheeting and the timber stair treads and the traffic up and down the timber stairs then grinds these particles into the stair tread and leaves dints and bruising on the timber. In this case, a heavier sanding of the stair treads has required the remove the damage.

The timber stairs are then given sand with an orbital sanding machine to fine sand the timber and present it ready for coating.

Three coats of polyurethane finish are then applied to the stairs receiving light sand between coats. Stairs may be finished with a gloss or satin finish.


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