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Choosing a flooring between gloss or matte is not just a choice. It has a profound impact on the aesthetics of your house. A floor finish can completely change the ambiance of your space. It can elevate your floor’s look and feel. Timber floor finishes enhance visual appeal and protect from dust, dirt, scratches, and moisture to the wood underneath. Almost all wood finishes in the market are available in both gloss and matt. Depending on your desire for floor finish, each type of finish creates a different atmosphere for your space.choosing right wood for floors

For your convenience, we have some information about finishes and their impact on the look of your home. The following discussion will be beneficial for choosing a finish for your timber floors.

Gloss Floor Finish For Timber Floors

The glossy appearance of the floor is due to the reflection of the light that creates a lustrous and elegant surface. Apart from being exquisite and vibrant, it makes small rooms appear large due to its reflective property.

Although this finish seems alluring and aesthetically pleasing, it requires more care and maintenance than matte. It takes scratches and dents that are easily visible. The residents should be cautious while walking on the floors because they are slippery and can cause slip and fall injuries.

There are numerous products available that provide a glossy finish to the timber. These include epoxy glass, polyurethane, and water-based finishes.

Matte Finish For Timber Floors

The Matte finish provides a subtle and contemporary look to the floor. It never gets old, as elegance and class are what matte finish offers. It grants a sense of warmth and comfort in your home. Sanding a matte-finished floor is convenient because there is no need to remove the coating before the sanding process.

Matte finishes reach deep into the inner core of the wood, making it resistant to moisture, bacteria, dust, and scratches. The floor gets tough and durable with the increase in the life span. It also prevents fading of the floorboards to a large extent. It can hide imperfections like dents, spills, stains, and scratches.

You can have matte-finished floors anywhere in your home(decks, bathrooms, and kitchens). Due to its ability to resist damage, the matte finish is ideal for high-traffic areas of the home, like the kitchen and hallways.

How To Decide Whether To Choose Matte Or Glossy Finish?

It is a homeowner’s choice to opt for a matte finished floor or glossy. Both have pros and cons and are compatible with each type of wood. The decision depends on the consumer’s preference for flooring type.

If you desire a luxurious and spacious floor in an area where you can invite some guests and have a lavish dinner with friends and family, a glossy finish is the way to go.

A matte finish is ideal for a homeowner looking for a subdued approach that imparts modernity with class to the floor. It is suitable for a big family with pets and kids to conceal imperfections and increase floor life span.

When choosing your flooring finish, it is essential to consider aspects such as durability, maintenance, environmental impacts, and the desired aesthetics.

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