The environmental and energy advancements have no doubt brought positive impacts on the lifestyle of people. Homeowners are aware of the ecological effects associated with their choices. More than half of the population of Brisbane have wooden floors in their homes. A hardwood floor is an eco-friendly option, but maintaining it with green tools can be challenging.

Here are some energy-efficient practices for installing, renovating, and maintaining hardwood floors:

Ecological Sanding Technology

Use of sustainable energy equipment for sanding

The use of eco-friendly machines for flooring and floor sanding is the top priority of contractors nowadays. Equipment that consumes less energy and less carbon emission should be preferred. Floor sanders, sealants, and finishes chosen should have a minimum negative environmental impact.

Dustless floor sanding

Dustless floor sanding is a swift and energy-efficient floor sanding technique. The sanders used for this method contain a powerful vacuum system. The vacuum entraps the dust particles produced during the sanding process-including asbestos and lead particles. The process creates a clean working environment for the workers and the inhabitants. Dustless sanding is the best option for floor sanding for homeowners with respiratory disorders like asthma and dust allergies.

Sanding through buffing

An alternative method for sanding floorboards is by buffing. It is a simple yet effective way to get a lustrous floor without using big sanders for sanding. Uniformly sand by equally buffing each area of the floor.wooden floor maintenance

Hardwood Floor Refinishing And Maintenence

Using water-based wood finishing

There are two types of finishes for wood: solvent-based and water-based. Solvent-based wood finishes have a high amount of volatile organic compounds(VOCs) content compared to water-based. Low levels of VOCs in water-based finishes ensure a healthy and safe indoor environment by lowering air pollution.

Avoid harmful chemicals for cleaning hardwood floors

There are various types of wood cleaning products available in the market. Some are cheap and contain harmful chemicals, while others are non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is advisable to choose non-toxic products for cleaning hardwood floors. The cleaning products should be safe for both kids and pets.

Choosing eco-friendly native wood for flooring

Homeowners and contractors should be conscious while selecting the wood for flooring or renovation. Selecting sustainable wood is the crucial element for eco-friendly flooring. Using reclaimed wood is a good option for homeowners. Reclaimed wood is less expensive than new timber. If you use reclaimed wood for flooring, verify it is free from chemicals and pesticides.

How eco-friendly environment is created?

Individual contribution to environmental preservation is promising for creating a clean and green neighborhood. Green practices in wooden floor sanding are possible, and you can have beautiful floors with less mess creation. It should be a global standard to reduce energy consumption and shift towards renewable energy sources. Reduce carbon emissions by incorporating recycled materials in the products.

Adopting green practices in daily life leads to carbon neutrality, resulting in less global warming and climate instability. Eco-friendly alternatives for floor sanding and polishing are a great way to reduce carbon footprint. Together, we can make it happen for our generations to live in a clean and green environment.

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