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Maintenance And Care For Hardwood Floors This Winter

The winter season brings a lot of joy with barbecues on deck gatherings. Warm tea and hot chocolate coffee on your balcony with your family are winter fantasies. Do not neglect your beautiful timber floors while enjoying this beautiful winter. Hardwood floors require extensive care in extreme weather conditions. Your floor can do just fine by adopting simple precautions and routine cleaning. Wood tends to shrink during cold weather. Timber splits and fractures can occur in the boards. Sanding the floor annually keeps the floor lustrous for a long time.wooden floor maintenance

Steps To Take To Protect Your Timber Floors In Winter:

Floor protection is not a big deal. A lustrous and spectacular timber floor requires care and maintenance. Listen when your floor calls for help. Following routine cleaning, hardwood floors can retain their shape and form for years.

Here’s how you can take care of your floors this winter without getting yourself troubled.

  • Humidity And Moisture Control

Humidity level keeps the structural integrity of the wood. It is necessary to keep your room ventilated by opening the windows or using a humidifier. A relative humidity level of 40-70% is considered ideal. High moisture levels lead to the absorption of moisture by floorboards. This, in turn, causes cupping, swelling, and rotting of timber floors.

Timely management of moisture damage can prevent future problems. Here are a few steps to prevent damage from moisture:

  1. Wipe out any spill immediately to prevent water from seeping into the floorboards.
  2. Fix the pipe leakages on time to prevent water puddling.
  3. Have your floors inspected annually by professionals. Sanding and polishing the affected area can bring back the floor’s beauty.
  4. A high level of damage is irreversible and needs timber replacement.
  • Regular cleaning

Cleaning the floors regularly in winter greatly reduces the chances of damage to the floor. Cleaning with the right products acts as resistance towards foreign elements. Mopping the floor after spills or rain excludes the probability of water damage. Do not allow shoes on the timber floor as they bring small stones. The stones act as sandpaper and produce scratches on the floorboards.

  • Time to lay rugs and mats

Door mats at the home entrance protect the floor from dirt and grit. Floor rugs increase the beauty and trap dust particles from the atmosphere. Use area rugs in high-traffic areas to keep minimum contact with the floor. Runners and area rugs in the lounge also provide a playing site for kids and pets. High-quality, absorbent, and non-slip mats are long-term investments with high initial costs and prolonged benefits.

When to call a professional?

Every type of hardwood floor requires periodic re-sanding and polishing. Seasonal changes and extremities in weather can badly affect the hardwood floors. Common issues of cupping, buckling, and splitting in floorboards require a professional approach. Budget Floor Sanding has your back for all timber floor-related issues. A professional service provider for sanding and polishing saves hustle and waste of money.

Budget Floor Sanding is always at your service to give the best advice and a free quote. Our expert team is available 24/7.

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