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Timber Floor Board Replacement and Staining

Timber floor repairs

Old damaged pine floor removed and replaced with new timber

This old timber pine floor in a New Farmhouse had many timber floorboards that had been previously infected with timber borer. This often compromises the structural integrity of the timber floorboard and also renders the floorboard unpleasant in appearance. Firstly the timber floor is sanded back and any damaged floorboards are identified for replacement. The old damaged floorboards are then cut out of the timber floor and replaced in such a fashion so as to leave no indication of replacement. The pine timber floorboards were replaced with the same type of timber. When new timber is used it will always be much lighter in color than the original old flooring, as seen in the first photo. New timber flooring is predominately used for floorboard replacement and repairs, as finding matching old boards is difficult and more expensive.

Old pine floor stained

Patched and stained Pine timber floorboards

In conjunction with the coating of the floor, the replaced new timber pine floorboards were then stained to blend them in with the old floor color. Remembering that timber is a natural product and there is always a variation in tones and colour in a species of timber.  The result is such that the floorboard replacement can hardly be noticed and the floor maintains its old floor consistency. For any information regarding floor sanding, timber floorboard replacement, and staining timber floors, contact Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane. We would be glad to answer any of your floor sandings and polishing questions.

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