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Tips to Develop Maintenance Regime for Upcoming Summers for your timber floors

Timber floors have been an epitome of beauty and serenity for centuries. They have always been the first priority when it comes to building a new house or auspicating any area. With all the positive outcomes of their installation, timber floors also require being looked after regularly. As the source of timber floors is purely organic so a routine inspection to assess the durability and sustenance is necessary.

Timber floor renovation involving floor board replacement

Damaged timber floorboards removed from Hoop Pine Floor

Brisbane experiences a lot of sunny days followed by a rainfall season from the months of December to February. This is the time period that requires the utmost care of the homes to keep them in their lustrous shape. There are several different approaches to keeping hardwood floors up-to-date and immaculate. If the impairment is dealt with on time then there is no need to seek help from outside. Homeowners can simply manage their picturesque timber floors by just following some simple procedures before the beginning of each season:

Keep the floor coated

A well-coated floor avoids many uninvited damages to the timber floorboards. This does not demand a high level of maintenance and effort but it requires persistence in care. Floor coated with high-quality products, such as Sikkens cetol, not just gives a glistening shine to your home but also keeps the bugs and infestation-causing organisms away. So in such a manner, you will also be avoiding the formation of holes and gaps within the floorboards.

Vacuum cleaning on a regular basis

Apart from the weather and moisture level changes, a dusty floor is prone to lose its beauty and enchantment before time. It should be under the list of daily chores to clean the floors. A wet mop is not a good option to opt for on a daily basis as it will increase the moisture which will eventually lead to the brittleness of the timber. The best way to clean is to make use of a vacuum pump as it won’t damage the top coating and you will achieve a scratch-free cleaned floor.

Avoid furniture scraping

This is a leading factor in the wearing and tearing of surface coating of the floor leading to exposure of raw timber underneath. The exposed floor is more prone to be damaged by moisture level changes and sunlight. Also, this will affect the look of the room. In order to avoid this scrapping and scratching, protective measures are taken which include the use of felt pads under the furniture and avoiding sliding off of chairs and tables across the floor rather; the furniture should always be lifted in order to move from one place to another.

Besides the maintenance regimes discussed above, there are several other ways that can contribute towards keeping the lustrous shine of your timber floors. The longevity of timber floors depends upon the strategies and care plans adopted for the regular cleaning of hardwood floors. But there is a time when you need to call for a professional service to avoid worsening the damage using home remedies.

BFS Brisbane is always a call away to provide you with services and a free quote in order to make it easier for you to estimate at what cost you can renovate your house in a definite time period.

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