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While renovating or constructing a new home, the selection of floor type and the color is a difficult decision. The floor color of the living room has a great deal of impact on the guests. You want
your living room to stand out. There are so many products available in the market for floor renovation. There are many options available to stain hardwood floors. Nowadays darker color
timber floors are in trend as they give a bold and modern look to the house.

Let’s have a look at what type of stain would be the best fit for your living room:

Natural Wood Color

In an old construction house, the wood used for flooring is Maple, Walnut, Aged Pine, Rosewood, or Mahogany tree. These woods have a natural eye-catching tone that cannot be
obtained with even the finest type of stains. If you have an old-construction home, staining the floor is not required.

Sanding and polishing these types of floors with Loba Invisible Protect or Pallmann PALL-X Whiteseal are suitable options. These finishings will give a lustrous shine to the floor while
keeping the natural color intact.

Dark Timber

A high-toned floor with light-colored furniture depicts the aesthetic sense of the homeowner. Darker-toned Oak flooring gives a feeling of warmth and sophistication. Ebony stain on Red Oak
will give a modern dark look. The ultimate color of the stain is based on the desires of homeowners. You can choose black wood stains or a combination of different stains to get a
unique color. Some available dark wood stains are:

  1. Ebony or Onyx wood stain
  2. Dark walnut stain
  3. Jacobean stain
  4. Espresso stain

All the dark stain variants give different end results. Dark stains are often paired with light-colored walls and furniture to neutralize the effect. The luxurious look provided by staining your
living room floorboard black is unparalleled.

Classic tones of Timber Floorboard

If you are a nature lover and desire a breathable, wide living room, a classic-toned floor is the best choice. Light brown or natural stained floorboard increases the value of the home. The classic brown color is still loved by many people and it is their priority to lay brown-colored floors.

If you wish to change the darker-colored timber to a lighter one, first scrape off the existing stain. After removing the previous stain, sand the floor and apply the stain of your choice.


  • Choose the color wisely. Changing the stain from a big area is a costly and time-consuming process.
  • If you are planning to put an oil-based finish, the stain should also be oil-based.
  • Completely scratch off existing stain to ensure proper penetration of a new stain.
  • Want a customized floor color? Always consult a professional before selecting the
    color of the stain and the type of finish.

We hope that you will find the information useful. Our professional team will give you suggestions best suited for your beautiful home.

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