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How The Sunlight Effects Wooden Floors?

Sunlight is a potential source of energy and survival for all living things. We cannot imagine life without the sun. Plants need sunlight for their growth and development and become a source of timber for construction purposes. While the same sunlight is essential for plant growth, its long-term exposure to the timber floor causes damage.

Sunlight consists of visible light, ultraviolet (UV), and infrared rays (IR). Ultraviolet rays cause photochemical degradation of the timber resulting in the change of wood color, shrinkage of the floorboards, and splitting and cracking. The effects of sunlight on the timber floors cannot be reversed. There are measures to fix the damage and bring the beautiful floor back.sunlight effect on wooden floors


  • Discoloration or fading of timber

Timber is photosensitive-it will react to sunlight by changing color. The fading or darkening of wood depends on the extent of sunlight exposure. You may notice areas that are covered by furniture or rugs have color differences from the exposed surface.

Several wood species fade on sunlight exposure, while a few darken with time. Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry, and French Oak wood darken with time. Hickory, Maple, and Red Oak timber floors fade on long-term exposure to sunlight.

  • Shrinking of floorboards

Sunlight exposure causes the shrinkage of floorboards due to moisture loss. This shrinking results in a cracking sound on the floor. The floor beneath the foot will feel brittle and noisy due to the contraction of planks and the formation of gaps.

  • Removal of top coating

Long-term exposure to UV rays causes the top finishing coat to wear off with time. It can be complete removals or patches. Removal of surface finish calls for sanding and polishing the floor to revive the timber.


Having a proper understanding of sunlight damage to the wooden floor, we can adopt measures to prevent or minimize the damage. The preventive measures include:

  • Blinds and tinted windows

Tinted windows are in trend for homes and offices. These windows are coated with a material that adds to the beauty and blocks the UV rays from reaching the floor. Windows tints benefits in other ways such as reducing the glare of the house and increasing privacy. Curtains and blinds of high-quality material also block harmful UV rays.

  • Rugs and mats

Laying down rugs in areas where sunlight reaches the most part of the day is an effective way of preventing damage. Relocating area rugs and furniture with changing sunlight direction also proves beneficial in keeping the timber floor color in harmony.

  • Sanding and polishing

Sanding and polishing the floor is the last and the most effective option to keep the brilliance of the floor. Sanding the floor at the right time save the difficulty of replacing floorboards. A water-based finish as a top coat complements the timber care process.

Good maintenance of hardwood floors includes regular cleaning, sanding, and polishing every couple of years. This will refresh the and increase its life span. If you are looking for a dedicated and professional floor sanding team, you have landed in the right spot.

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