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Is Hardwood Flooring In Bathrooms Good Or Bad?

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Wood enhances the look of a home and uplifts its monetary value. A complete hardwood interior is luxurious in appearance and gives harmony to the house. Timber floors in bathrooms in Brisbane homes date back a long time. An annual sanding and polishing of the bathroom hardwood floors by a professional is sufficient to keep it in good shape.

Let’s look at the PROS and CONS of wooden floors in bathrooms and the guidelines to care for these floors.

Pros Of Hardwood Floor In Bathroom:

Wood adds beauty, warmth, attractiveness, and durability to your bathroom interiors. Nothing can stop you from getting a vibrant, plank-floored bathroom. Hardwood flooring in any space increases the charm and look of the surroundings and adds to the beauty. With proper cleaning and regular mopping, you can keep the floor shiny and irresistible.

  1. Warmth And Elegance

The warmth and cozy environment given by timber floors are incomparable. The calmness provided by the wooden floor under your feet is the best feeling in winter.

  1. Value Addition To Home

A complete hardwood interior of a home imparts coordination between different areas. Timber flooring in bathrooms adds to the value of the home.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

The combination of ceramic bathtub and wooden floors is unraveled. No other flooring brings out such perfection. The aesthetic environment calms your nerves and relaxes you after a tiresome day.

  1. Durable And Long-lasting

They are long-lasting if cleaned regularly and instantly after use. As wood doesn’t wear quickly, the durability of timber is unquestionable.

  1. Easy Cleaning

There is no need to pile up different cleaners and chemicals when you can clean the floor with a mop. Wipe the water puddles with a dry mop and let the floor air dry.

Cons Of Hardwood Floor In Bathroom:

Unlike other types of flooring like vinyl, tiles, laminate, etc., which mingles in any space, hardwood flooring has limitations when applied in certain areas. For the record, wood flooring in areas of direct sunlight exposure and high moisture requires a lot of maintenance and care.

  1. Cupping And Buckling

Uncleaned water on the floor results in timber damage. Even the tiny water droplets from using the sink lead to water seeping inside the planks. This results in the cupping or buckling of the timber.

  1. Mold Growth

Moisture in the hardwood planks is an open invitation for fungal infestation. In no time you will observe the formation of mold patches in areas of water accumulation.

  1. Slippery floor

A newly polished wooden floor can cause accidents. Stepping on the floor with wet feet is dangerous and should be avoided. It is advisable to lay rugs beside the bathtub to prevent such incidents.

  1. High Maintenance

The maintenance cost of wooden floors is high and ongoing. Keeping the bathroom clean and wiped after every use is nearly impossible. Sanding a narrow bathroom with small flooring space is difficult. Moisture-damaged timber planks can only be fixed by replacing them.

The above discussion about the benefits and harms of hardwood floors leads us to decide whether hardwood flooring should be adopted. The best and most viable choice for homeowners is hardwood floors in bathrooms if consideration is given to maintenance. Occasional sanding and polishing water-resistant coats increase the life span of bathroom floors.

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