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Staining New Flooring to Match Colour of Old flooring

Cyprus Timber Floors Sanded and Polished

New Stained Cyprus Timber Floors To Match Existing Timber Floors

The existing timber flooring in this house was previously polished, Cypress Pine. As part of a home renovation, the total floor area was increased by laying new pine flooring into the extension. As is often the case with new timber flooring, the wooden floorboards can be lighter in colour and this would have been obviously different when sanded and polished. To remedy this, the new timber flooring was sanded, and then a coloured stain coat was applied. Some time is spent in the mixing of stain colours before the stain is applied, to ensure the coating is a close colour match to the original timber floor.

This Cyprus timber floor was then finished with three coats of polyurethane gloss finish. Any difference between the existing old Cyprus timber floors and the new stained Cyprus floors in the extension will barely be noticed once all the furniture is returned to the room. If you are renovating your home or extending the building and are not sure what timber your existing floors are and whether they can be matched, contact Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane. We can advise you on what your options are and what is achievable with sanding and polishing your timber floors.


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