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Your house’s deck is a fantastic spot to spend quality time with your family and friends. The timber deck is a fine feasting area and an indoor luxury point for small gatherings. Selecting the
type of wood for installation and cleaning with the deck cleaner, all the decisions will ultimately affect the appearance of your decking.

Excessive moisture in the floorboards results in mold growth. The mold in the timber will gradually rot the board. Long-term sunlight exposure of deck timber damages and results in
greying of timber. It is, therefore, advisable to take care of the hardwood deck regularly.

Following are some simple steps for keeping timber decks in excellent shape.

Choose a professional for deck timber installation

If you are thinking of laying the floorboards on your own, it might not be a good idea. A single mistake in the installation of deck floorboards can cause problems early. Always choose a
professional to install timber decks. The crucial step in the installation of the deck is wood acclimation. In this way, timber floorboards will acclimate with the moisture content and
temperature of the area.

Clean Regularly

Daily cleaning of decks prevents the occurrence of any problems. Use a broom to clear the fallen leaves, debris, and dirt from the top surface of the deck. If cleaning daily is not possible, clean
the deck weekly. Hardwoods such as Jarrah, Spotted Gum, and Merbau are commonly used for deck installation in Brisbane. Although these woods are famous for their robustness, they absorb water and provide a suitable environment for mold growth.

Aside from regular cleaning, deck cleaners specific to the type of wood should be used annually for deep cleaning. Deck cleaners usually contain one or all of the following chemicals. These
chemicals kill molds and mildew and give a brightening effect to the timber.

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Oxygen bleach
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Sodium percarbonate

Address any damage to your deck timber floor immediately

One thing should be kept in mind any problem with the floor boards should be immediately addressed.

The common issues which can arise are:

  • Nails protruding from the planks.
  • Fading or greying of color due to sunlight exposure.
  • Cupping or buckling due to fluctuations in moisture content.

Unable to fix the damages? No problem! Budget Floor Sanding is here with the solution. Our professional team will solve any issues and gives you back a shiny wooden deck.

Regularly apply deck sealant and deck stain

The terms ‘sealant’ and ‘stain’ may sound similar but they have different purposes for the decks. Applying stain once a year gives a new look to the deck. The pigments in the stain act as a
barrier to UV rays, thus protecting the hardwood from color fading. Stains do not protect the decks from moisture.

Sealant is applied as a top coat and serves as a protective coat. It saves the wooden floorboards from fungal growth and rotting. A high coverage against humidity is the top reason the decks
should never be exposed without a sealant.

The steps discussed above for deck maintenance are not as simple as they seem to be. The services of a professional are always recommended for carrying out difficult tasks. Sanding and
polishing the floor is the ultimate solution for a radiant deck. A professional service provider for sanding and polishing saves hustle and waste of money.

Budget Floor Sanding is always at your service to give the best advice and a free quote. Call us now for any queries at 0418 882 678

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