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Trendy Floors – A Source of Potential Buyers Attraction

With the increase in the population, the demand for land also increases, this demand is directly proportional to the increase in the worth and value of the land. People tend to buy built and furnished homes as it is time-saving and cost-effective instead of building a new one. When it comes to selling a house, buyers are attracted to a well-maintained house instead of one which requires more time to put things up. Adding value to your home to attract the buyer’s attention is time-consuming and requires selecting specific and discrete home renovation techniques which include changing the pattern and type of trendy floors which best suits your home and adds to its beauty.

Low sheen satin timber floor finish

Timber Flooring coated with Loba Satin Water Based Coating

Amid the huge variety and options available for designing your homes, specifically floors, the most trendy flooring techniques which are elected by designers and Brisbane homeowners are as follows:

Parquetry flooring

From ancient times, parquetry has been implemented as part and parcel of Brisbane homes.
Previously it was adopted for hallways and bedrooms, but now it is in use for living areas as well. This all is because of the beautiful pattern it displays. Parquetry comes in different styles. The main sources of parquetry flooring are Oak and Walnut. They can be used alone or in combination. The beautiful zig-zag pattern which we often observe in old and modern Brisbane homes is known as chevron parquet. This is a classic and traditional feature that has been observed for centuries and that is why it can be seen in almost every old construction and it never disappoints.

Finishes and tones

Colors have the power to influence the mind and soul. Ash grey tones, classic rusty tones, or bold, grainy finish – all contribute towards increasing the attraction and interest of potential buyers who have the taste and passion for a modern and picturesque home.

Smokey tones are amongst the most demanded ones as they give an alluring depth to the home interior.
Classic rusty tones never get old in addition to providing an open and natural look to the house. For a narrow room, this tone is best to give a bright appearance. This vintage style look is the most chosen one of all.
A bold and grainy finish is considered a fashion statement in the timber flooring industry nowadays. This type of finishing gives strong vibrant vibes to the house reflecting the taste of the homeowner.
White-washed or lime-washed trendy floors are also on the list of top priority flooring options of the homeowner as well as in office settings. Their airy and light appearance is welcoming for the people and gives a peace of mind. It is the best choice for high-traffic areas with small spaces.

Large wooden planks

In order to provide a characteristic look to the timber floors, the use of wider and larger planks is in demand. Installation of larger planks in the Brisbane homes has taken a comeback as they were originally utilized years back but their use was terminated with time. They are most commonly settled in decks and verandahs to give a spacious look and provide a fine outdoor dining area.

Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane always welcomes their customers to ask for any advice and consultations relating to their home decoration and renovation when it comes to the floors.

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